Melodie & Gianni – a Be{loved} wedding highlight film

You can often tell the way a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mother.  We found out rather quickly based on Gianni’s actions how he would love, respect and honor Melodie in a timeless way by how he loves, respects and honors his momma.  This wedding transported us back to a time where celebrations were grand, friendships were many and the Princess got her Prince!  A classic love story with some modern twists!  If I had to describe Gianni and Melodie I would say that he is like a lovely Italian concerto and she is like an upbeat pop ballad, together they balance each other beautifully and make a song worth listening and dancing to.  May you both always hear this beautiful music played together!  Here’s the highlight from the filming we did on their wedding day.  Enjoy! 

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about love and selflessness… a Be Loved {us} session with Danni & Josh

He didn’t know it but she saved the menu from the restaurant where he proposed.  In large script standing out starkly from the muted tones on the back of the paper spelled out the words will you marry me.  She absolutely said yes, and had no idea and couldn’t eat any of their dinner that night!

He finds beauty in her even when she thinks she looks scared and at her worst.  Reflecting on fears and images of the sacrifices one makes for another they are so comfortable in each others presence.  She speaks of wanting to not just tell him but to show him how he means more to her than the things that scare her most and that’s what you do for someone you love.  You show them, even if it means doing something you don’t like.  He can’t put into words just one emotion he feels about their relationship, he says she is all emotions to him and each one at a time, they are a team.

Are you swooning yet???  We are chatting in the living room of the new home that they recently purchased that Josh has rebuilt with his father and I am smiling to myself because they are just sweet and cute and lovable and so so very open.  I am smiling because they get it.  I am smiling because even though they already had a bad experience with having an engagement session done by someone else, they didn’t try to micro manage our {us}session.  They let me do what I do best, even when I said the plan is there is no plan, where I go, you go.  They happily embraced the concept.

You can’t script an adventure! You just have at it =)  Thank you to Danni and Josh for our adventures that afternoon and for sharing your stories with me, for baking cupcakes aka corn muffin looking – we forgot the paper cups – who cares cuz it’s all good and they are delicious anyways, cupcakes.  We may or may not have trespassed in our travels but what’s a little law bending if not in the name of love.  Here are just a few from our afternoon of frolicking together.  To see more head over to our page and check out the full collection of sneaks =)

DJ_sneaks-100 DJ_sneaks-101 DJ_sneaks-102 DJ_sneaks-104 DJ_sneaks-106 DJ_sneaks-110 DJ_sneaks-111 DJ_sneaks-112 DJ_sneaks-117 DJ_sneaks-119 DJ_sneaks-121 DJ_sneaks-132 DJ_sneaks-133 DJ_sneaks-140 DJ_sneaks-144


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Why the Greatness of our nation rests with Puppy Kisses ~ a South Philly Be Loved {us}session

The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

This is one of my favorite quotes.  Seemingly simple enough but most things that contain highly provocative truths are just that,simple.  I firmly believe that the greatness, kindness and propensity of love that we have as humans is directly related to how we treat all creatures of the world, human and otherwise.  A simple principle right?  One would think so.

My heart always warms when I see people who adore their pets.  There are so many reasons why but for me one of the most important is behavioral.  The behavior of loving and caring for your pet selflessly will most likely translate into other areas of your life and loves.  Conversely if you are hateful, cruel and neglectful these actions are part of you and will manifest outward into your world as well.

Judaism places great stress on proper treatment of animals. Unnecessary cruelty to animals is strictly forbidden, and in many cases, animals are accorded the same sensitivity as human beings.  In Jewish law it is is preventing tza’ar ba’alei chayim, the suffering of living creatures.

Modern psychology confirms this understanding, with many studies finding a relationship between childhood animal cruelty and adult criminal violence.

A quote for our Christian friends, A righteous man knows the soul of his animal – Proverbs 12:10

Why all this mention of kindness and greatness in relation to behaviors towards animals you ask?  Well, I for one never really had pets growing up.  It wasn’t until my mid thirties that a little runt of a puppy waddled her way into my life and my heart.  Now, I couldn’t imagine a day in my life void of smelly puppy kisses and when I see how others treat and care for their pets in the way that I care for mine my heart melts because I can imagine the same care and love and attention demonstrated by their behavior manifesting in how they would treat a future child or husband, wife, girlfriend, friend, family or stranger.  There is but one life we have to live on this planet of ours and it’s our duty to live it well and to touch all beings animal or otherwise with boatloads of love!  To leave things and people better than we found them…

We spent a warm spring late afternoon in the city of Philadelphia with Ginny, Mike and Bugsy chasing the light.  One of the things I ask of my clients is that no matter how nervous they may be that they embrace the process and let me help them find that place where the nervousness disappears and their personalities shine through.  I study behavior.  I can’t help myself.  In doing so it helps me to cater to each client and their needs and get the most I can out of them for their benefit.  This particular afternoon I was awarded with the presence of two beautiful souls who just love their puppy and are so in love with each other.  Funny thing is that as much as I could see the awesomeness of their relationship with Bugsy I could see even stronger repeating patterns with how they treated each other.  Albeit self appointed confessions of nervousness proved no match for our Jedi tactics =)  Thank you to Ginny and Mike for giving us so many glimpses into the core of who you are, how you love and what it takes to meet so long ago and build a lasting long term relationship and be great parents to little Bugsy but more importantly thank you for showing me all of those pieces of you.  They are special and I value each and every one =)

Here are a few of my favorites from their {us} session.  Don’t forget to visit our page to spread the love and to view more work.

GM_sneaks-100 GM_sneaks-101 GM_sneaks-102 GM_sneaks-103 GM_sneaks-104 GM_sneaks-105 GM_sneaks-106 GM_sneaks-107 GM_sneaks-108 GM_sneaks-109 GM_sneaks-110 GM_sneaks-111 GM_sneaks-112 GM_sneaks-113 GM_sneaks-114 GM_sneaks-115 GM_sneaks-116





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A Citizen’s Bank Park {us} Session ~ Megan + Eric

They are huge hometown sports fans and in fact you could say that they realized their love for each other during the 7th inning stretch of a certain Phillies vs. The Nationals game. They love to communicate, they hate to fight and prefer to opt out.  He loves her eyes and often gets lost in them.  She loves his Patience and is thankful for it.  She is the reigning champ of all their challenges including a very heated thumb wrestling tournament on the day of our {us} session but most of all they balance, support and love each other in a way that is like no other they have ever known.  Spending the afternoon with Megan & Eric was effortless.  As the sun set at FDR Park I walked away feeling like I was given a personal tour of their hearts.  Thank you both for sharing so much!  Here’s a few of my faves from their session.  To view more head on over to our page!

ME_sneaks-102 ME_sneaks-108 ME_sneaks-109 ME_sneaks-111 ME_sneaks-112 ME_sneaks-115 ME_sneaks-118 ME_sneaks-123

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How many times can you fall in love with your child? a Be Loved {me}session

I was texting with my daughter Kristin yesterday while I was loading the files from a {me} session with a certain darling little peanut.  Kristin and I were planning our next get together.  Now that she no longer lives at home we try to connect in person as often as possible, usually once a week or so and many , many times since she flew the coop 2 years ago I have fallen in love with the person that she is and is becoming.  For me, it is about happiness and that translates differently to different people.  I can say that as I’ve gotten older it takes a lot less to make me happy.  It’s not that I have lowered my expectations at all.  You see, my level of happiness and what gets me there is to simply enjoy the things we can.  To breathe in those little moments, savor the big ones and discard the shit as quickly as possible.  The last thing that Kristin wrote in her text to me is “you’re heaven sent.”  My reply was “No, YOU are.”

We do our best to raise our children with good decision making skills, to be a loving person, to be kind and to live this one and only life that we are given as best as they can so that they can be happy.  I don’t think there is a limit to how many times you can and do fall in love with your child.  I know the first time for me was when I found out she was coming.  Then many times as I carried her and protected her from the world, sustaining her within my body, then again the first moment I heard her cry as she entered this world and again when I touched her and held her, again when her father kissed her and smiled saying she was perfect.  Countless more times since that day and I am sure countless more times to come.

It is hard to describe this overwhelming feeling of love.  I know I see it.  I feel it and I can see it and feel it in others.  I chatted with Brandon on the phone the day before our scheduled session to see if Alexis had developed a sleep schedule yet and to try and determine when would be the best time to arrive for our session.  I’ve spent quite a bit of time in the last several years with Becca and Brandon and their family documenting Engagements and Weddings and was very honored to see them again to meet their newest little addition.  It was so cute to hear the excitement in his voice as we talked about his new baby daughter.  In that moment I realized that we could also Hear Love.  Before we hung up I remember saying to him you’ve completely fallen in love with her and he replied Oh Yes.

Welcome to the world little miss Alexis.  You made me very happy to see you yesterday.  You are but a few days old but I can see the wonder and contemplation in your eyes already.  You are beautiful and loved and I know that your Mom & Dad have already fallen in love countless times with you  and will countless more!

Here are a few sneaks from our session.  To view more like and visit our PAGE.

Alexis_sneaks-100 Alexis_sneaks-113 Alexis_sneaks-118

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Say No to the Stress of your Wedding Day ~ Jenna+ Bob a Philadelphia Wedding at Tendenza


Weddings can be stressful if you let them be. Jenna and Bob did not. That in and of itself is a wonderful thing. I learned something that day about patience and kindness, composure and forgiveness. I saw all of these beautiful qualities in a human being that day and I am grateful beyond measure for having been witness to these emotions and more. Even when their first look was disrupted, impeded upon and used as an opportunity for a sales pitch by a hotel sales manager and I quote, “is this the first time you are seeing each other, well great, let me take this opportunity to…” they laughed it off because in the end the little BS things just don’t matter now do they, what matters is when ultimately you are marrying that person who is your compass, your balance your love. I wish you both so much more happy little nuggets of life – you deserve it! (not the invasive ones of course).

Little life lessons present themselves to us in what I think are impromptu clues and vignettes.  Today’s life lesson for me was a reminder of days past and occurred when I witnessed a series of events, and I won’t get into it because it doesn’t matter who – what matters is how it was handled, that could have and would have made some brides freak out and justifiably so.  Jenna didn’t freak out.  Instead of being a problem identifier – which we are all exceptionally good at, she instead was a problem solver.  Seeing this brought me back to my days of being a District Manager for Ritz Camera.  A position I left many many many years ago but one that helped to formulate in my mind how I did and did not want to run a business.  I used to tell my managers not to call me with their problems.  Ha, ha.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to help them fix their problems.  I absolutely wanted resolution but if I was their band aid then how would they ever learn to manage properly.  I would say to them, ” don’t bring me your problems, bring me your solutions.  I need to see how you wrap your head around conflict so that I can help you find the balance you need to make the best decision”.  This approach yielded many a successful manager and one of the most profitable districts in the country.

I use this same philosophy with my staff here at the studio.  One by one each employee has flown off to find their own path and follow their own journeys but I know deep down inside that my voice is ingrained in their minds and balance is key.

Saying No to Stress on your wedding day is easier said than done but I promise you that if you hold onto the good and find solutions for the bad you will have the framework to be in a space that allows you to remember the beautiful moments, the amazing family you have, the support of your friends and these far outweigh those fleeting bouts of hardship.

Here are a few sneaks from Jenna & Bob’s day.  To see all of the sneaks click the link below and spread the love by liking or sharing =)


Scroll through to the end of this post to view the Coming Soon Trailer for their video

JBsneaks-104 JBsneaks-105 JBsneaks-107 JBsneaks-109 JBsneaks-110 JBsneaks-114 JBsneaks-116 JBsneaks-118 JBsneaks-121 JBsneaks-124 JBsneaks-125 JBsneaks-126 JBsneaks-127 JBsneaks-132 JBsneaks-138 JBsneaks-140 JBsneaks-142 JBsneaks-145 JBsneaks-157 JBsneaks-162


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Speaking from the Heart – Elyse + Brett

Earlier this morning I was at the gym and in an effort to trick myself and my wandering mind into staying on that elliptical just a wee bit longer I started to read the sub titles displayed  on the TV.  The program that was playing was called The Millionaire Matchmaker.  For those that have never seen the show it’s about a matchmaker named Patti Stranger who matches single wealthy people with closely compatible dates.  When I glanced up at the TV the employees were chatting about a Groom who PAID to have his Best Man write his vows!!!  Yes, I said PAID and Yes the Groom did not write his own vows.  There were two men and woman engaging in this conversation and the men seemed to think that it was perfectly alright for the Groom to have paid his Best Man to write the Groom’s marital vows.  The woman disagreed and in walks Patti.  They ask her opinion and she says two things.  One, why does the Best Man need to be Paid, he is after all the Best Man but more importantly, if you are going to write your own vows, they should come from the HEART.

I can’t agree more…  Why bother writing your own vows and getting married to anyone if you are so void of emotion that you can’t communicate how you feel?  I understand that some people aren’t able to properly say all that they may want when on the spot BUT we are talking about weddings here, ya know, something that you most likely planned for months.  Guys and Gals, get your shizz together!  If you are so inclined to write your own vows then for the love of who you are marrying tap into that heart of yours, you know, the thing that pumps all your blood and swells when it’s filled.  You do your Bride or Groom an injustice by not allowing yourself the vulnerability required to really dig deep and answer those hard questions.  Why do you love them, what is it about them that you love, why are you making a commitment?  Why are you showing up?  What do you promise?

The sad reality is that the person you have chosen and who has chosen you is standing before you waiting to hear these things because they are the one who has filled your heart and it’s unforgivable if you don’t do your job that day to fill theirs.  How can you expect to make a “lifetime” out of being “the one” if you can’t speak from your heart, just this once.

There is still hope, don’t elect write your own vows in the case if you are one of those types that has something preventing you from tapping into your emotions.  Utilize any number of published biblical quotes or otherwise and simply say I do.

This topic gets me all riled up and as I’m watching and reading the sub titles I can feel my heart rate rise and my legs are burning, sweat pouring down my brow.  I don’t even notice when the cool down timer starts so mission distraction accomplished!  I started to think about the workload for next week and smile.

Ahhhhhhhh back to my happy place.  We will be shooting and filming the Wedding of Elyse and Brett this weekend.  It makes me feel so incredibly happy and grateful to be doing so because these two know how to communicate to each other.  I found this out when we filmed their {us} story.  There are no questions as to their why and I am looking forward to experiencing and documenting these moments for them!

Thank you as always to our many clients who open up their minds and speak from their hearts!


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Here’s a little diddy about Jenna + Bob… two love birds whose wedding is in 5 days!!!


That final consultation, discussing Time Lines, planning out Photo and Cinema locations, checking the weather patterns, printing out the portrait lists, team prep meetings, cue the {us} story and ready set go, go, go!!!

Whenever I have that pre-Wedding final Time Line chat with one of our upcoming brides, there is always that sense of WOW, I can’t believe the day is already here!  It seems as if forever ago we started on this journey and now, the day is right up on us!  Where does all of the time go?

One little tidbit always comes up and it is the most important bit of advice for all of you soon to be Brides and Grooms that I have to offer.  It’s so simple but has been my most sage bit of wisdom that I can impart upon you because having experienced hundreds of wedding days I feel very confident that this piece of advice is 100% INFALLIBLE.  I swear by it and it is with the utmost of sincerity that I dole out this little nugget.

Here it is:

“You have done all of the hard work asked of you, you’ve researched, compared and chosen your Team for the day.  From the venue to every single little detail.  Now, TRUST that you did the best job EVAH & let go.  Just let go.  TRUST that.  You have a new job now and it is to be present, enjoy, live and breathe in the moments, embrace these moments and the people in them, NO MATTER what happens on your wedding day it will only be as perfect as your PERSPECTIVE.”

                                                                    ~ Cindy Guessford

The countdown has begun for Jenna & Bob’s Philadelphia Wedding at Tendenza.  5 days and counting =)  I am very excited about the forecast for the day, Excited and Warm Hearts with a chance of Happy Tears and generous sprinkles of Love throughout the day.  Bring it on!

jb1011blog jb1213blog

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2014 Sales Special & Contest {Do you know someone who deserves a day like this?}

2014 sale and contest_cgstudios

Once a year we like to run a sale.  I love sales.  Especially when I love something and it’s on sale, I buy extra =)  I’ve gotten several calls within the last few weeks because last year we ran our sale in January and January is ovahhhhh but February sales are good too so here it is!  Woohoo!  Please feel free to contact me at for more information regarding the portrait or cinema experience sales offering.  We can only offer the first 10 commissions at these rates so contact me via email to set up your consultation or share this special with a friend.

Now onto something that makes me really really really Happy!

Last year was quite the amazing year for us in terms of connecting with some wonderful and inexplicably giving of themselves souls.  We spent many, many, many hours pouring through footage and audio and still images in order to make something that mattered to us, that mattered to you, that celebrated your moments as they were, making something tangible, making something that lives on to tell your story, making something that makes TIMELESS your UNIQUENESS.

Last year we cried with many of you during those sad moments.  Last year we laughed with many of you when you were laughing at each other or me =) Last year we were there to celebrate weddings, births, birthdays and reunions and the love stories, man oh man, I love the stories.  Young love, new love, old love, true love, lost love, found love, loving each other, loving ourselves.  So many that have touched us in ways that I can not do justice by words alone to express the depths of our thankfulness.

Last year I also experienced great losses in the passing of my Mother in law and my Grandmother.  I wholeheartedly appreciate the outpouring of love that I received from our friends, clients and colleagues during those times.  I have a tendency to pour myself into my work when I am escaping reality so I thank all of you who were my muses during those times.  Your support and smiling faces kept me positive and those were wells that were much needed of being filled.

So much in this world to be thankful for but for me I am most thankful for the moments with the people that I love.  When someone carves out time for you in this busy and disposable world that we share, that is something that means something to me, especially when I can revisit some of these moments whenever I want to.  These visits come in the form of our memories, dreams, printed images, digital images and films.

I have always felt very fortunate to be able to do something that I love that is rewarding and I am passionate about using my resources to pay it forward and give something back.  This year YOU are going to help us connect with SOMEONE who deserves a day like THIS!

What’s the prize you ask?  What is “a day like this”?  Well, since you asked, “a day like this” is a day reserved for the winning NOMINEE that will include a pre-shoot day story boarding meeting, Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist, lovingly prepared lunch and beverages then our exclusive Be {loved} Photo and Cinema Session that celebrates either their {us}, {me} or {we} story.  We will deliver to them our collection of artist selected favorite still images and their finished film plus some secret surprises.

Who can be NOMINATED?  We want to know if you know someone who you feel deserves a day of pampering and the experience as well as the finished product of our Be {loved} line of sessions and stories.  Does someone inspire you?  Do you know someone who could use a pick me up?  Do you know someone that has overcome obstacles or odds or illness that could inspire others with their story?  If the answer is yes then feel free to nominate them.

How do you nominate someone? To nominate someone for this prize simply send an email to with this information:

  1. type “I know someone who deserves a day like this” in the subject line
  2. write me a little letter about who you are nominating and why you think they should be chosen or make us a video and attach it.
  3. make sure to leave your name and the best way to contact you if your entry is chosen.

When does this contest end? We must have all submissions by 11:59 pm EST on March 16, 2014.

When will the winner be announced? Our panel of industry pros and partners will be placing their votes and selecting the letter or video that inspired us most and will announce the winner on march 23rd 2014 via our Facebook page 

We will also make updates on that page so follow us to keep posted.

Also, there are no costs associated with entering this contest or redeeming the prize =)

So ready, set and goooooooooooooo.  We want to here about who has inspired you and why they should win “a day like this”!!!!





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Nicole + Michael { a Rainy day Philadelphia wedding}

1-11 N+M blog-119b

Have you ever in your life gazed upon someone or something and experienced a feeling so meaningful to you that the only way you could maintain your composure was to close your eyes or look away because to do otherwise would mean that you succumb to the moment and be absorbed by it and the only way to remain a part of it is to take it in slowly and surely?

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to be able to revisit these moments, again and again and again?

Have you ever just allowed yourself to sit in these moments, to baste yourself and marinate in them, to erase all divisions between the realms of real time vs. a slowed down dreamy sequence?

If not, I suggest you go practice this right now.  Well, not right this second.  For now, finish reading and gazing at these images.  Then, think about your life and the people in it.  Then ask yourself, who am I most like “me”, around, who am I  most vulnerable around?  Then go find those people and practice with them.  Practice day and night if you have to.  Practice what you say?  Well, since you are asking, practice seeing them, really seeing them.  Practice listening to them and hearing them.  Practice just being you with them, the real you.  It is in these moments, around those who we are most vulnerable that we discover the depths of who we are when we are at our best and sometimes our worst.  When I can be comfortable sitting in silence amongst you or when coaxed to release the tightly gripped fingers of fear and vulnerability is when I know that the heart of who I am is protected and valued and safe.  People that make us feel this way also make us close our eyes tightly as we feel our hearts beat faster and wish that the moment never ends.

I often have conversations with people in love planning weddings.  I spend most of my days with people who are experiencing a heightened sense of euphoria due to LOVE CHEMICALS!!!

phenylethylamine or PEA – “This is an amine that naturally occurs in the brain and also in some foods, such as chocolate. It is a stimulant, much like an amphetamine, that causes the release of norepinephrine and dopamine. This chemical is found when you are falling in love. It’s responsible for the head-over-heels, elated part of love.”

I also support Immersion Learning Techniques! So go immerse yourselves.  I am constantly surrounded by love, engage with people using many different mediums in the name of love, work with clients who are in love, surround myself with like minded friends who share the same views on love and am the recipient of boat loads of love.  The science of Love and Acceptance is something that I have studied since I was the tender age of 5 and probably will continue to study until my eyes can no longer gaze for fear of being consumed.

When you have Love from your partner, your family, your children, your friends, yourself, strangers…  You have most of what you need.  Is love all you need?  No, it’s not all but it’s a damn good start!

I don’t often get to arrive on a wedding day SOLO.  That’s right, no one else to manage, no assistants, no film crew, no lighting or audio techs.  Just me, my 2 cameras, a slew of lenses and lighting equipment that fits into a bag the size of a large purse.  Simple, free, unbridled.  For me, these are the times that I immerse myself and thankfully so because on this particular wedding day, I had to close my eyes a few times.  Watching a father and son connecting as they dress each other, a bride and her daughter having a moment while her mother and the mother of the groom beam, They just freaking beam at each other – full of love, pride, excitement.  Connections- zing, connections, more moments, a collection of them.   Plus, just for fun, a wintery stormy mix of icy rain, pouring on my head, drenching our seemingly perfect plans for the day.

No first look, no daylight to shoot in, just rain, cold, dark, dank rain.  No matter…  You see, when you start with a great foundation and people who really, really, really want you there, it makes no difference if there is light, dark, church rules, rain and the like, it just doesn’t matter because you are left with story and story always wins.

I hope you see their story in these single frames.  I hope you feel what I felt making these images. Don’t forget to pop on over to our FB page and “like” it to stay connected and by all means Pin the ones that inspire you.  Celebrate Love – it’s okay if that sounds corny – just do it, do it for no apparent reason – our lives depend on it!

Congrats to you both Nicole + Michael!  Thank you so very much for being my muses!  xoxoxoxo

1-11 N+M blog-100

1-11 N+M blog-100a 1-11 N+M blog-101 1-11 N+M blog-101a 1-11 N+M blog-102 1-11 N+M blog-103 1-11 N+M blog-104 1-11 N+M blog-104a 1-11 N+M blog-105 1-11 N+M blog-105a 1-11 N+M blog-106 1-11 N+M blog-106a 1-11 N+M blog-107 1-11 N+M blog-108 1-11 N+M blog-108a 1-11 N+M blog-109 1-11 N+M blog-110 1-11 N+M blog-111 1-11 N+M blog-111a 1-11 N+M blog-112 1-11 N+M blog-112a 1-11 N+M blog-113 1-11 N+M blog-113a 1-11 N+M blog-114 1-11 N+M blog-115 1-11 N+M blog-116 1-11 N+M blog-116a 1-11 N+M blog-117a 1-11 N+M blog-118 1-11 N+M blog-118a 1-11 N+M blog-119 1-11 N+M blog-119a  1-11 N+M blog-119c 1-11 N+M blog-119d 1-11 N+M blog-120 1-11 N+M blog-121 1-11 N+M blog-122 1-11 N+M blog-122a 1-11 N+M blog-123 1-11 N+M blog-124 1-11 N+M blog-125 1-11 N+M blog-126 1-11 N+M blog-127 1-11 N+M blog-128 1-11 N+M blog-129 1-11 N+M blog-130 1-11 N+M blog-131 1-11 N+M blog-132 1-11 N+M blog-133 1-11 N+M blog-134 1-11 N+M blog-135 1-11 N+M blog-136 1-11 N+M blog-137 1-11 N+M blog-138 1-11 N+M blog-139 1-11 N+M blog-140 1-11 N+M blog-140a 1-11 N+M blog-141 1-11 N+M blog-141a 1-11 N+M blog-142 1-11 N+M blog-143 1-11 N+M blog-144 1-11 N+M blog-145 1-11 N+M blog-146 1-11 N+M blog-147 1-11 N+M blog-148 1-11 N+M blog-149 1-11 N+M blog-150 1-11 N+M blog-151 1-11 N+M blog-152 1-11 N+M blog-153 1-11 N+M blog-154 1-11 N+M blog-155

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