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A Thank you in 3 parts {part 2}

Wedding day.  The sun is shining.  She is smiling.  Looking dapper.  Calming moments.  First Looks.  Rangers kick us out.  PPA photobombs our shot. More rangers kick us out. Running from the law.  Running in the streets. The sun is still shining.  She is still smiling. Jump in my car. Chase the light around the city. Vows.Smiles.Tears.Smiles.Kiss.smiles. Petals in the air. Toasts and words of comfort. Dance. Dance. Dance. Car. Home. Pack. Train. Family.

Slivers of the day. delightful organic little slivers.  Finding some peacefulness today That I had not anticipated.

Rewind to yesterday’s session with Avril and family.  I left the session feeling full of a sense of family.  I needed to feel that.  Spent most of the night debating whether to drive to Connecticut after shooting a wedding all day without sleep and going directly to the funeral or taking Amtrak from Philly to Ct.  Maybe sleep a few hours.  Only one train is going to arrive early enough to make it and it’s an hour away from my final destination.  Great.  Call Dad – Yes, not a mistake I did say it arrives at 4:30am.  Yup – I know that’s early.

Fragmented conversations, time to switch gears. Time to walk in a room filled with people who have also experienced a loss.  Time to embrace life and family and friends.

Have you ever felt a truly vibrant and joyful soul in your presence? The type that’s made up of warm toothy smiles, kind and selfless acts, all encompassing hugs and so much life emanating from behind bright and hopeful eyes. I Have=) yup, felt it for sure.

Have you ever seen with your own eyes or in the eyes of others the unmistakable look filled with so much love that says you are mine & I am yours and I will love you and protect you always? I Have =) yup, saw this too.

If you haven’t, then you must go in search of people like this and love like this and surround yourself with them and it and immerse yourself immediately. Do it and do it now, do it often, you can thank me later. It’s better than homemade hot cocoa on a super cold day. Trust me, it’s true. I promise, you just can’t Over Dose on too much happy or too much of being loved- no matter what.

Help comes to us in many forms.  Today I needed to be surrounded by this collection of endearing souls.  Today, like yesterday I needed to be reminded that family is as much a feeling as it is the physical representation of connection.  I spent this day celebrating the beginning of a new life and tomorrow I will spend the day celebrating the memories of another.

Thank you, Sarah & Greg for shining so bright, for helping me to get through a difficult time by sharing in your joy, celebration and overall loveliest of days. I wish I could clone you =) I would make an army of you both!!! Congratulations to you both and may you always, always, always be Counting Stars…

So many images resonate with me from your day but I keep gravitating to the ones that are most joyful.  These make me exceedingly happy to look at.

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