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Aleah + Steve a Be{loved} Us Session in Ocean City New Jersey

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To view more images from this Be{loved} US session come on over to my page =) Click here

I shot this {us} session with Aleah and Steve in Ocean City New Jersey. We also filmed their Be{loved} Us Story that day and you can view their highlight film by visiting my cinema site Be{loved} Cinema.

When I photograph a session I can’t help but become keenly aware of my surroundings in anticipation for or inspired by what is going on in and around me. Sometimes things are so obvious for good and or bad reasons while other times I search for where I want to go and what I want to shoot. It felt like the odds were stacked against us on the day of our shoot. Have you ever had hundreds of gnats flying, landing and biting you? If you have then you know that feeling of tickling that spreads to itching that becomes real plus imagined feelings and sounds permeating your mind. Swat, swat, swat. Buzz, buzz, buzz. They were everywhere. I think I swallowed a dozen of them! These were not the best of conditions to do a shoot. These were however the best two people to have done this shoot with on that day!

I imagine that if Aleah and Steve can stave off thousands of biting gnats and crazy flying birds for several hours so that we could get through filming then they have the type of beautiful attitudes that will in turn take them very far in life and love =) I imagine that there is that kind of fortitude within each and every one of us that when needed to, allows us to push a little harder for the things that are most meaningful to us. Aleah and Steve reminded me of something very important on the day of their shoot. They reminded me to seize the moment, to go with my gut and to always pursue the things that are most important within that moment.

Sadly a few short weeks after this session was filmed much of this location was irreparably damaged due to Hurricane Sandy. Maybe the crazy birds and those pesky gnats knew something that we didn’t. The space where we filmed their interview is completely destroyed, leveled as if it never existed. The Dunes where the sunset and sky time lapses were filmed are no longer there… just a distant memory of a place that once was. Things, places & moments with the people we love can be so fragile in this world we live in and sometimes I feel that mother nature has a way of warning us and of reminding us to cherish and never take for granted what is right in front of our eyes. That day in front of my eyes were two people who have known each other since high school, two people who clearly know how to get through the good and bad that may come their way and most importantly two people who I would gladly spend an afternoon eating gnats!

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