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Be so {happy} that when others look at you they will be happy too ~ a {we} session

While sitting and having coffee with Nina as we planned her family {we} session and story I felt and heard a recurring theme evolving. You see, Madison, Nina & Kevin’s daughter is at an age right now where the best words to describe her (and these don’t do her justice at all ) are Happy, Independent, fun & loving. I could see that all too familiar look in Nina’s eyes as she spoke of Madison. It’s the unmistakeable look of parental adoration and love. It’s that shine or gleam in your eyes and the upward curve of your lips as you smile, it’s this sense of pride and of joy and the wonder that your heart could even expand this much for another living being. Being in Nina’s presence reminded me of how easy life is to celebrate and how effortless love should be. I knew in that very moment what was most import to depict in our session and I know as a mother how valued those little things are.

A smile.

A giggle.

A cuddle.

A show of Independence.

A connection.

Unconditional Love.


An afternoon in their life.

These moments I captured on that ridiculously gorgeous day of this incredibly captivating child and her adoring parents are some of my favorites this year. It’s not that it was perfect from beginning to end because anyone with a toddler knows that second by second emotions change, it is however the beautiful in between nuggets! These little gems, slices of time, moments are now frozen in time and I’m honored to be the one chosen to be a part of making them.

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Thank you Nina, Kevin, Madison and big brother Simba for giving me such beauty to work on today! Here are a few of my favorites. To view the full collection of sneak peeks head on over to my page and don’t forget to spread the love and like, share, pin or comment. Happy Monday Everyone =)



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