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He is surely smiling down on you ~ a Philadelphia be loved {we} session with Marcel & Vern

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I’ve made it my business to study people. The way they talk, what they say, how they engage with others. To say that human behavior intrigues me would be an understatement. I’ve made it my goal to snatch and grab at the moments that I think will matter to the people whose paths we cross based on my observations. Sometimes my heart swells and sometimes it bleeds but know that when it swells it swells with you and when it bleeds it bleeds for you…

A beautiful baby girl has graced us =) I see the adoration and pride in her fathers eyes. It is a look that uncontrollably emanates from you when you are bursting with love and pride. I saw it the night Marcel danced with her father on her wedding day, his love lit up the room. I see it now in the way Vern can’t help but smile and gaze at his sweet & perfect little bundle. There is a saying that when a baby smiles or laughs in their sleep that an angel is talking to them. Well, baby girl, he is surely smiling down on you and probably whispering sweetness into your ears on the daily.

Congrats to Marcel and Vern and big brother Chaz on the newest addition to your family! May you love her and guide her and protect her and teach her all the best ways to love, just like you were taught. With Mother’s day already past and Father’s day quickly approaching, now would be a good time to spread some Happy to your Daddy’s. Go do it now. Days pass by and life makes no promises.

May this next chapter in your lives Marcel & Vern be filled to the brim with as much care, strength and love that you so easily share. I count my lucky stars to have met you. xoxoxo

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