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Her mothers pearls… Alyson + Bob

…they were a gift from her husband the day Alyson was born.  Given with love, respect and admiration for the beautiful baby girl that they brought into this world.  They were worn frequently and commented on often and as time wore on the string of pearls came apart.  Never to be worn again, saved – for a special moment.  That moment was Saturday.  Breathing new life into that strand of pearls so that they could be worn to tell more tales.  Breathing new meaning for that special something old that only a mother could give.

Alyson, those pearls started their life with yours and now you and Bob have started a new chapter in your lives together.  Walt and I had a blast with you and your crazy awesome friends.  Leaving your reception after a zillion hugs and being told frequently how much you loved us only serves as further proof to myself that working with the right people makes working not like work at all.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us not to work ;-)

I couldn’t possibly end this post without a huge shout out to my friends over at Proud to Plan.  I missed not seeing Erin but only till I saw Lisa and Jen.  Ha, ha – I kid, I kid.  I still missed not seeing Erin but…  Lisa has her shiz together and completely read my mind all day.  These ladies have the ability to be in the right place at the right time and assisted in making it feel like “not work”.  I love my planner friends and you all should too.  They work hard behind the scenes to keep the day flowing seamlessly.  I’m a task master regardless but anytime I can free up one side of my brain so that the other can take over, well, I’m a Fan holding that big ole foam #1 fanning in the air!!!

oh yeah, the pics…  We took a few ;-)

I couldn’t help but post this one of Lisa – surveying the scene like a good little ninja. Hi yahhhhhhh.

This is an inside joke as I pay homage to one of the best, best man’s speeches ever.

Wedding Day Haiku’s

Bride- we put on flip flops

sing, dance and drink

always smiling

another…….oh if I must, hee hee


in a pitcher with ice

better shared =)

awww jeez you can tell it’s late but just one more.


Alyson thinks is perfect

repeat after me

after me =)

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