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Here’s a little diddy about Jenna + Bob… two love birds whose wedding is in 5 days!!!


That final consultation, discussing Time Lines, planning out Photo and Cinema locations, checking the weather patterns, printing out the portrait lists, team prep meetings, cue the {us} story and ready set go, go, go!!!

Whenever I have that pre-Wedding final Time Line chat with one of our upcoming brides, there is always that sense of WOW, I can’t believe the day is already here!  It seems as if forever ago we started on this journey and now, the day is right up on us!  Where does all of the time go?

One little tidbit always comes up and it is the most important bit of advice for all of you soon to be Brides and Grooms that I have to offer.  It’s so simple but has been my most sage bit of wisdom that I can impart upon you because having experienced hundreds of wedding days I feel very confident that this piece of advice is 100% INFALLIBLE.  I swear by it and it is with the utmost of sincerity that I dole out this little nugget.

Here it is:

“You have done all of the hard work asked of you, you’ve researched, compared and chosen your Team for the day.  From the venue to every single little detail.  Now, TRUST that you did the best job EVAH & let go.  Just let go.  TRUST that.  You have a new job now and it is to be present, enjoy, live and breathe in the moments, embrace these moments and the people in them, NO MATTER what happens on your wedding day it will only be as perfect as your PERSPECTIVE.”

                                                                    ~ Cindy Guessford

The countdown has begun for Jenna & Bob’s Philadelphia Wedding at Tendenza.  5 days and counting =)  I am very excited about the forecast for the day, Excited and Warm Hearts with a chance of Happy Tears and generous sprinkles of Love throughout the day.  Bring it on!


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