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Is the Barbary serving up {love}potion???

It’s a work from home kinda day.  The sound of cars crossing the rain puddled street can be heard in the background along with the drama of the season finale of Breaking Amish.  I’m sitting here with my laptop and new magic trackpad thinking about which task that I’m currently behind on should I tackle first since the past 6 weeks has involved relocating our studio and shooting, moving, shooting, moving… You get the point.  Immediately I knew that aside from emails, which is a constant pendulum of  back and forth,  I knew that it was time to end the blog drought.

When the mood to blog strikes me I open up my current editing project and usually blog something from that client’s session or wedding.  Today however, I noticed a few very suspicious similarities between the last 2 be {loved} portrait sessions that I shot this past week.  After comparing my notes and analyzing all scientific data, my findings indicate that The Barbary must indeed be serving up some kind of Love Potion!!!

I know what you are thinking.  There goes Cindy losing her mind again, off on some kinda crazy tangent or conspiracy theory.  But listen, I’m serious…  The facts can’t be ignored =)

  • Both couples met at The Barbary
  • Both couples have admitted to dancing & sweating their asses off at The Barbary
  • Both couples have had something to drink at The Barbary
  • Both couples have many great memories at The Barbary
  • Both couples are now engaged & getting married this year
  • Both couples are beautiful, free spirited balances of each other

See what I mean!  The facts cannot be ignored.  Now I don’t know if this will work for everyone but like I said, it’s very suspicious that the last 2 consecutive sessions that I’m editing happen to be for 2 couples who have met, drank, sweat, danced some kind of voodoo love dance and are now engaged and getting married.

I always like to find some kind of lesson or message in my ramblings and today is no different.  Today my message is this.  If you want to find the love of your life then go do things that you love.  Dance on that table, bust into that crowd, feed that inner child who may be craving a simpler time.  Smile, sweat, dance, do your thing.  I guarantee that while you are doing your thing, someone else is noticing you do your thing and that someone else may be that certain someone that one day ____________  fill in your own blank here.


Here are a few sneaks from Diana + Sam & Gia + Bill’s be{loved} us Sessions.  I love that I get to feed all my inner muses.  Describing my style to others becomes ever so increasingly difficult because I am attracted to beautiful light, editorial style and pure emotions.  These 3 things don’t always play well together but hey, I’ve never been one to choose a simple path.   I’m lucky to be able to have the coolest clients who let me play and indulge me in all my whims.  To my past, current and future clients, I promise to always create a space for you that you feel safe playing, loving and indulging in your whims!


Diana + Sam

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Gia + Bill

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