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It is that Simple.

I’m some what neurotic, ha ha – completely at times! Before I post a new piece online I have to watch and re-watch it to make sure that I’m happy with what we are putting out there and that we portrayed our clients in a way that makes them happy with the work we have created for them. My father has always told me that I am too tender hearted, I can care too much about other peoples experiences and feelings and it is a very deep well that both my passions and my pitfalls draw from for fuel.  This well has helped me to become incredibly tolerant yet can also spur a wrath that only a select few have ever had the pleasure of having lavished on them.  It’s true but I have grown to love the tender hearted part of myself.  I derive so much pleasure from making others happy and I generally in turn love to be around happy and positive people.  I’ve even managed to gather some pretty amazingly tender hearted, happy and passionate people who I surround myself with as peers, clients, friends and everyone who has ever worked at or continues to work in Cindy Guessford Studios. It’s a prerequisite for working here.  YOU MUST DRINK THE COOL-AID. Our work environment is built on one simple and lasting goal.  I promised myself that if things ever took a wrong turn and became anything other than this one simple goal then it would be time to move on…

What’s the goal you ask.  Here it is.  I quit my full-time job years and years ago with the promise to myself to be an adventurer, to follow my passions wherever they may take me and to not live to work.

“My goal is to do something I love and to love doing it.”
~ Cindy Guessford

A very simple promise to myself.  A promise that admittedly has become a struggle more and more to keep. I feel as if we are in the midst of a major virtual revolution.  It’s expected behavior to communicate like this! Via a portal, social media, online, whatevs you wanna call it.  This is our NORMALCY.  I like and hate it.  I will not ever believe that these portals will ever compare to the human experience of interacting face to face.  I feel the influx of personalities born of an age of “we want more” mentalities as well as a market of diluted wedding professionals but that is another posting reserved for another day!  This one is about getting back to simplicity and how that in it’s purest form, simplicity, is where all of this blahdy blah is leading to in the most round about kind of ways because I’m a rambler, sentence string along-er, get used it, embrace it, sometimes a story sneaks out and makes sense.  You’ll only ever know if you make it to the end =)))

So, yes, even after the final review and export I watched this highlight, then re-watched it and the end result was the same.  I knew it was safe to put online because it made me feel good hearing their story and while watching it,  I couldn’t help but smile.  Diana & Sam are two incredibly cute together, fun, driven, quirky, balanced and infectiously in love people.  I can’t help but smile when I watch their actions and reactions towards each other.  We are delighted to be shooting and filming their wedding this Saturday and my hope is that this little vignette adds to the excitement of these upcoming days leading up to the commitment that they make to each other =)

Their story is simple.  They followed their passions, seized the moments and are together because they chose each other.  They started this journey dancing in a room full of strangers and on Saturday they will dance in a room filled with the people who love them most in this world.  How freaking simple is that!

Working with Diana and Sam has allowed myself, Josh & Walt to stay true to keeping our goals of doing something we love and to love doing it.  Thank you both so much!

Also thanks to Sam for the footage from the actual proposal! Here is where you get to view the video, woohooooo!


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