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I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently who asked me when and if I actually sleep.  Ha, ha.  Of course I do sleep, somewhat of a Vampiric (yes, I made this word up – don’t try to use it on Words with Friends) schedule but I’m a big fan of sleep.  I asked why and the response was that she knows how much we have going on over here at Cindy Guessford Studios with the addition of cinema and existing workshops, projects etc…  It is a busy schedule and there are many irons in the fire and more news to come in the very near future!  Sometimes, however,  things fall to the wayside and blogging new work unfortunately has been one of those crack seeking tasks that often slips through.  I can’t even lie and say that I would be a better blogger.  Especially knowing that we have 5 different sites to update.  What I can say is that we are in our final stages of studio restructuring and with the restructure I am in the process of freeing myself up to do the things I love most.  Which are, shooting, filming, blogging and corresponding on a one to one basis with our many devoted clients.

I’m so excited to share work from 2011 that I feel really illustrates the vibe of my studio.  I’m even more excited to post sneaks from this year which for us, Wedding Season began 3 weeks ago and is in full swing.

So far this month we have had, rain, snow, heavy winds and spring like days all within a few weeks.  CRAY-CRAY-CRAYZINESS I say!  Bring it on =)  I personally love the adrenalin that courses through me when I have to work against odds stacked against us to create an image that is either meaningful, artistic or cool.

The image above was shot during the snow fall that we had a few weeks ago.  Glancing out the window during the reception I noticed these beautiful white flakes cascading towards the street.  The wind was blowing hard enough to send the flakes spiraling towards the dark asphalt.  I got excited and used my ninja skills to hone in on Sarah and Michael’s location within the room.  Sarah must’ve had a sixth sense because as I approached them I could hardly get the words out.  I think the conversation went something like this:

Cindy: “OMG it’s snowing outside, do you want to…”

Sarah: “Yes!”

Cindy: “Sweet, lets roll.”

It really is that easy.  Actually I should say, it’s that easy when your vision is so completely supported that I don’t even need to finish my sentence before the answer is a solid YES.  Yup, that’s my new favorite word.  So here’s our script for this year….

Cindy: Do you want to go make some cool……. images

You: Yes!

Cindy: I know it’s cold but….

You: Yes!

Cindy:I know it’s hot but….

You: Yes!

Cindy: Yes, the bridesmaids shoes are sinking in the grass, let’s go further into the grass…

You: Yes!

See, it really works in all kinds of situations.  Yes + You + Us = Happy In the end.  You see, when the dust settles and you have nothing left to remember the moments except your memories, the images and the film then these stolen seconds weigh more than having hour long blocks of time.

It doesn’t interest me to block off hours of your day and dedicate those hours to photo time.  What does interest me is shooting when the situation and timing is appropriate to capture, document or create the kinds of images that keep us all happy =)

On a side note.  THANK YOU SARAH &MICHAEL!!!!!  Thank you sooooooooo much for simply being wonderful and for selecting such a perfect bridal party.  Having the right people standing by your side, without agendas and there for the sole purpose of loving and supporting you is key.  Sometimes we end up , do I even say it, “babysitting” bridal parties.  You know, the ones where everyone knows better than you and they become the center of attention by displaying unnecessary resistance, disappearing, creating havoc on time lines that are already compressed, inappropriate behavior, etc….  Well, that just doesn’t play well.

Your friends, family and Bridal Party could not have been any more helpful than they were and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for yours and their efforts.  THANK YOU also for the beautiful words on your  Thank you card that we received today as well as your generosity!  To know that our efforts are noticed by you is like putting premium gasoline in my engine!  A full blog post is yet to come showcasing the beauty of your day.  For now – Here is our Foto Friday Sneak =)

  • Fernando Colaço - This is a real fantastic photo. Sometimes we have the conditions and d´ont see the opportunity, but you did and the result is a awesome photography where light is the queen. Keep finding more. Congrats.

  • DeVende Photography - Love that shot in the rain! Awesome!

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 10.15.01 PM

What’s our style, point of view, inspiration for photography or cinema????  It’s easy, “We shoot what we love and we do it with emotion + Art.”  I’m not interested in making images or films that depict otherwise.  Don’t imaging having your life documented based on the things you want to remember, think in terms of the things you NEVER want to forget =)  Watch the promo……… Now =)

Be{love}d Cinema a Division of Cindy Guessford Studios from Cindy Guessford on Vimeo.


Yup, It’s true I say!  I’ve been hinting around about the changes around the studio for several months now and at some point I will write a blog post about the many things, people and circumstance that have made 2011 such a tumultuous yet outstanding year both personally and professionally but for now I’m super stoked to announce that here at Cindy Guessford Studios we are officially launching our Beloved Cinema Division.  We have been quietly shooting all year both stills and video and have made some beautiful pieces that absolutely document and preserve the memories of you and the ones you love.  We have also launched our Beloved Experience which will be the only type of portrait session that we offer moving forward.  What this means for us is that we are embracing our creativity and not limiting it to a specific medium.  My studio will be a full service hybrid photo/cinema studio.  We offer photo and cinema coverage for The Beloved Experience as well as Weddings.  To learn more visit or just contact me.  I would love to chat about future projects and commissions.

I’ve also had to re-evaluate my business model and will no longer be accepting as a studio multiple bookings.  In the past 8+ years, the studio has employed several photographers, editors, designers, filmakers etc… We have shot multiple events per date.  The new model will require that each person employed here at CG Studios to be cross trained in every aspect of studio operations as well as both still and cinema shooting.  We will only be accepting 40 weddings/events per year.  This will allow me to focus on the things I love (shooting, planning, pleasing my clients) and for the rest of the team to be fully present and available under my direction to do the same.  The 2012 Wedding season is nearly booked to capacity and 2013 is shaping up to be one of our quickest and earliest years of bookings to date. phewwwwww! such an exciting time to embrace technology =))))

Now on to the hiring bit.  I’m looking to have a few very special candidates join my team.  Specifically photo/cinema shooters.  I can tell you that my expectations are high but I will never ask of you anything that I myself won’t personally do.  Everyone here works together in unison to create not just the type of product we love but also the kind of experience for our clients that means something.  Those who do not posses exceptional client relations skills need not even read any further.  Here is a short list of qualifications that will get you to the top of the list:

Candidates must have:

  • knowledge of available light photography
  • ability to utilize flash, strobe, led lights, wireless triggers
  • pro level gear ( i don’t so much care if it’s Canon or Nikon – just get it right in camera and in focus)
  • working knowledge of at least 2 of these  -Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere, Final cut (insert any video or audio editing software) Excel, WordPress, HTML
  • full knowledge of color theory and the color wheel
  • no ego – we are all important parts of the body of work and collections presented to clients

Here’s the catch, if you have all of the qualifications listed below then I may let that trump missing some of the above qualifications:

  • A great disposition, positive outlook
  • the ability to leave your problems at the door and get the job done
  • a thick skin and a cool head
  • a passion for film, digital stills or cinema
  • excitement, creativity, a point of view
  • excitement, creativity, a point of view
  • excitement, creativity, a point of view
  • excitement, creativity, a point of view – yes – wildly important
  • timeliness ( lateness is not tolerated ever – it brings the angry out in me – you don’t want to see me when I’m angry ;-)
  • a willingness to learn, grow, create, prosper
  • last but not least – the desire to be fearless in how you pursue the moment, the image, the scene, the shot, the task and most importantly  fulfilling the needs of our clients.

SO that’s the skinny! If you feel that you are the next addition to my team or know someone who is please send a resume and a letter of Why I should hire you to

extra points awarded to those who have an affection for home brewing and/or are a great cook.  Okay, not really but we do like to have a cool, laid back work environment providing all of the work gets done.  Just sayin!

Resumes will be accepted until January 20th.  Interviews will be conducted on Saturday January 21st & Monday January 23rd.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

PS! I have the uncanny ability to find the diamond in the rough and I appreciate heart more than credentials but you must have photo/video skill sets.

Screen shot 2012-12-19 at 10.27.04 PM

Jen is truly an example of how resilient the human heart & body can be and how a positive attitude can effect  your life in so many ways.   When we first met, she was taking a chance on me as I was just delving into my portrait business.  That’s the kind of person that Jen is.  The kind that see’s the potential in someone, the kind of person that looks on the bright side, the kind of person that you want on your side and you will undoubtedly be on hers.  To see more of this blog post hop on over to: The Beloved Experience =)

ahhhh man, I love style, sass, emotion, fun…. The list goes on and on and on.  Spending time with Patty and Mike on their wedding day was so easy peasy.  It was effortless to document their day since they gave so much of themselves through their smiles, laughter and tears.  What an emotional walk down the aisle!  Mike, you got me!  Maybe I’m super early pre-menopausal but I can’t seem to keep the tears back these days.  Especially when you see such a strong and wonderful man shed a few tears because he is so happy to marry the woman who is walking towards him.  Today was all about celebrating family, friends and love.  Yup, let’s add to that Patty and her ability to look gorgeous in any light.  She can pull off  the sexy, the lovely, the sassy, the beautiful – no problemo.  When we get the luxury of having days like this where every thing we ask of results in the answer yes, well you bet it’s easy.  Thank you so much to Patty, Mike and all of your family for doing just that!  Saying yes!

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