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Tara and Rory are becoming quite the regular topics of this ole blogitty!!!  First the wedding, then maternity and now, you guessed it!  A beautiful baby boy joins the clan =)  Tara and Rory are unlike most new parents that I have been around.  They are both just so comfortable in their new roles as parents.  It’s as if this is what they were meant to do. I’ve known Tara for a very long and I have watched her grow from a spunky college student to the amazing person and mother that she is today.  I couldn’t be happier that she has found someone like Rory who not only completely adores her but is also a spunky little match.  Together they have loads of love that they share freely with family and friends and I know that little Remi will get more than his fair share.  Rory’s inability to control his smiles and happiness (which I first witnessed during the maternity session) has continued with the baby session.  The smiles and laughter were infectious and always gives me the warm and fuzzies seeing a man so happy to be a Father.  So, a big ole congrats to you both!!!

  • Christina - I love the one with the dog. Precious!

This year has been blessed with the continuation of the story of life for many of our past wedding clients.  I’m always honored and thankful when I get the call or email saying,” guess what, we just had a baby and would love to have you do a session!”  I have always stressed the importance of the relationship that my studio builds with our clientele.  We may not be the studio for everyone and I’m okay with that because you can’t be everything to everybody but for those that love our shooting style we love ya back 100 times over!

In general when selecting a photographer to document your moments, I’ve heard many comments about my work and those of my friends.  Truth is, you may not love the way we post process images and hey, that’s art it’s subjective.  Some people even wonder if the skies are real, well yes, they are ha, ha.  Blue skies do happen even here on the east coast where golden light comes to die, especially since blue is the major color wavelength absorbed by gas molecules – that’s a whole other conversation and involving science which is my 1st great love.   That is of course unless we are shooting twilight shots and we white balance for tungsten creating a bluer dreamier night sky.

My point is this and yes, I do have one…  I’m thankful for the many clients past and present who LOVE what we do and “get” or style and Trust in us enough to grow the relationship past the engagement or wedding.  We don’t want to just shoot your wedding.  We want to document the most important moments of your lives…  We want to be your personal photographers and for the past 6 years we have done just that so thank you bunches!!!

I’m so happy to continue Kelly and Bob’s story with the addition of Sabrina.  I’ve enjoyed seeing and getting to know Kelly and Bob and their family.  Pause now for a shout out to the Macnamee sisters, woot woot!!  The referrals upon referrals are much appreciated =)  Sabrina is just so beautiful and perfect.  Congratulations and welcome to the world of parenthood.  I can’t guarantee that you will ever sleep through the night again but I can promise that every time your little girl smiles and laughs in your direction, anything that you may be bothered by at that moment will just simply not matter.  It’s in these small gestures that will fill your heart greater than you ever dreamed possible.  So buckle up, girls are fun, ha ha!  Your dad already knows that ;-)



When I met Maria and Soo at our initial consultation I knew and was excited that their wedding day would be filled with many non-traditional details laced with traditional ceremonial moments.  They are just two very cool people with a distinct vision of what they wanted in terms of images and vibe for their day.  I love the flirty, funny, sarcastic, loving and energetic banter that they have between each other.  Soo cracks me up…  At first I wasn’t quite sure how to read his personality because he has that subtle way of joking that can maybe be mistaken for seriousness when in reality it is very much witty and tongue in cheek.  He reminds me of my brother John.  John was the baby of the family and when we were kids I used to torment him something wicked – you know, every big sister’s duty to make her little brother a man ready for the world.  He often threatened to tell on me and once even wrote a letter to our parents.  The letter was freaking hilarious because John didn’t know how to write yet so it was scribbly babble.  Maybe it was my tormenting and prepping him for the nasty world that did it but all I know is that my brother is funny and reserved and extremely witty all at the same time.  He is as stoic in his resolve as he is loving and I see so much of the same in Soo.  Maria is Soo’s perfect balance.  You can just tell that they just “get”each other and the love they share touches me.

One of the most unique and amazing parts of the day was when they got ready.  A beautiful suite at the Hyatt Regency overlooking the city of Philadelphia set the stage for a family coming together and preparing for the day.  They helped each other to dress and it was such an intimate way for a soon to be husband and wife to start their new lives together.  I just love so many of the images from that part of the day but they had so much more in store for us.  Maria’s brother and sister traveled all the way from Malaysia to be in the bridal party.  Soo’s sister added to the collection of siblings and was the final member of the party.  In addition to all of your normal wedding day festivities they also had a Korean Ceremony, danced a choreographed Argentinian Tango and kept the crowd happy with some Korean Ballroom Dancing!!!  Soo’s sister gave a very touching toast as she welcomed Maria to the family and Maria gave a toast as well and spoke Korean to Soo’s family.  I’m always amazed when someone goes to such great lengths to show respect and thanks.  These are the things that make this world a better place….

Oh!  I almost forgot.  So Jen and I show up to start shooting details before the getting ready formalities and I peep out a collection of Chimay red, Blue and white packaged with a chalice.  I say to Jen, yup, they like good beer – a sign of a great day.  Maria walks around the corner and says, “that’s for you, I knew you liked it so I picked it up for you.”  Yeah, Maria rocks and thank you so very much for this gesture.  I do love Belgium beers but more than my love for what those trappist monks brew is my love for the kind of clients that I am fortunate enough to call mine!  So here’s to you Maria and Soo!  May you have many many years of happiness BUT not as many children as the Korean ceremony predicted (147 LOL)!!!

A few shout outs, thank you to Andre Richard Salon for the wonderful hair and Make up for our lovely ladies and a special thank you to Emily and staff from the Hyatt Regency Penn’s Landing.  You all did an amazing job handling all of the many details!!!

  • Tanti Lina - They are such a cute couple!! ^_^ Awesome work, as always! ^_^

Wireless flash receiver, check.  Transmitters, check.  Camera gear, check.  Allergy Medication…..Oooooooops, not check. Ruh Roh!!!  Destination weddings can be adventures and I’m in store for one as I travel to Naples, Florida for part one of Emily and Vic’s celebration.   Sinuses are killing me, my head is throbbing and of course the unmistakable scent of Stargazer Lily’s are permeating the air in every corridor that I walk adding layers of head-achy yuckiness.   After breakfast I stay in bed for as long as I can possibly get away with before I need to join the getting ready festivities.  There are some things that we never need to divulge to clients on their wedding day.  One is whether or not you are feeling well.  For me, it’s a non issue because regardless of how I’m feeling there are moments to capture and images to make!

So, I pop an excessive amount of Tylenol and splash some cold water into my eyes regrouping and willing this feeling to go away.  I can’t say that it worked but I can say that the mood of the day was infectious despite the rain and gray skies.  Emily and Vic were surrounded by friends and family and this was indeed going to be full of surprises and mass amounts of celebration.  As timing would have it things ran a little late and we had to push portraits to happen after the ceremony.  This would later be revealed to be a godsend as the clouds and rain didn’t clear until after they said their I do’s.  Emily’s dad surprised everyone by replacing the officiant for the ceremony.  Hearing his voice tremble and choke up as he spoke the words that would marry his daughter really resonated with everyone.  It was touching and inspiring… I love the cohesiveness of their family and friends.  There were no lines between them.  They were one and the same.  This would remain true for the celebration part two to be held back in Baltimore at the Grand Masonic Lodge.

An emotional ceremony, a breathtaking burst of light for the portraits and a night culminating underneath starry skies.  What more could you ask for????  I am thrilled with these images and I am blessed to have met  this amazing family (thanks to Jen and Michael who were so kind to refer me whose wedding I photographed last year).  You all made me feel so welcome and every interaction was a love fest =)  Thank you also to the exceptional staff at the Ritz Carlton beach club in Naples!  You were so kind to hold umbrellas over me and my equipment as I shot the ceremony.  Up, down, walking all around!!!  Kudo’s to you!  No water damage- woohoo.  Please enjoy the few images posted and then the slide show since I just couldn’t narrow my faves down to a handful!!!

I love that Emily had both Bridesmaids and BridesMen = ) Your best friends are your best friends, regardless of gender!

Some of you may remember Tara and Rory form their wedding images several years ago.  Exchanging their vows at Manatawny Creek Winery and celebrating till the sun went down.  I remember receiving one of the most touching emails  from Rory after they viewed their images thanking me for capturing the way that he felt when he was around Tara that day.

I don’t know the difference between photographs and pictures.  I don’t think I know much about anything to be completely honest with you.  I do however know what I like and what I don’t and I absolutely love what you did with your camera at our wedding.  Every single one of your photos captured the beauty of our world that I can usually only see in Tara.  Your pictures make our wedding look more gorgeous than I remember it.  I will never be able to think of a way to thank you enough but if you can think of one just let me know.  I hope I get to see you on 03/26 and good luck with the new shop.


Thinking back on these words always reminds me of why it is that I love what I do and the relationships that I’ve built through the years transcends being “just a photographer.”  So when I received the call from Tara that they were expecting I was so very excited to be able to play a part once again in capturing an amazing moment in their lives.  We spent some time in their home and then ventured back to the winery where it all began to finish off the session.  I can say for sure that some things have not changed…  Tara still possesses a serenity and general calming and happy vibe.   They are  both still so in love that it would make most people sick from it all and Rory’s face still lights up when he sees Tara but something new, something wonderfully different was happening!   Rory can not get within 1 inch of the baby belly without breaking out the cutest of uncontrollable smiles.  He beams at the baby belly!  It’s a combination of excitement and joy and deep rooted L-O-V-E.  I can tell that they can not wait to welcome their new addition into the family that they’ve created.  I see them together and I can feel it in my mothering bones, they are going to make great parents and I hope nothing but the best of parental experiences for them…

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