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I was trying to clean up some of the files on my desktop and organize them onto external drives when I came across a folder that had some copy print work from years ago.  In that folder was one of the first images I have of me with my mom.  Although my hair looks very similar now to what it did in this image there is obviously a world of difference.  Decades have passed by and I’m now a woman with a daughter of my own so I can relate to the struggles as well as triumphs that my mother must have felt.  Several emotions wash over me as I look intently and recall slices of time spent growing up.  I admire my mother for the woman she was and for the woman that she is today.  She possesses  the type of strength and resolve to withstand anything that in her lifetime she has endured.  She is well loved by everyone who meets her and taught me to always be the bigger person.  She is as feisty as she is introspective.  Most of all she is the woman who has shaped me as a mother and in her nurturing ways I have found my own.  So Happy Mother’s day to my mom and all of the mama’s out there!!!!

Here I am in Taiwan, Probably thinking up my next to do list =)

Yup, even at an early age I could be found managing my staff from behind a desk.

Yeah, standing by a plant, didn’t we all?

It was the 80′s, don’t judge, Ha ha – we thought we were so cool and dressed cool too!

Me and Kristin paying with the cam

Kristin and Baby

me and my little Lilli girl

17 years, that’s right, 17 years!  Together as a couple, before today.  Now married and day one begins.  Astonishing to me the lifetime of memories that Beth and Joe have already shared before their wedding day.  You can see the ease of their interactions and complete comfort that they share in each other.  Effortlessly in the way they joke back and forth and how at any given moment Beth can erupt with the most intoxicating of laughs.  Her laughter is so genuine and heartfelt that you find yourself smiling and laughing too.  So many such moments dotted the landscape of their wedding day.  Lori and I were given free reign to plan the photo locations and scout the area and create the time line.  I feel like the number of images I’m about to show are an excessive amount on the blog but I can’t help but connect with them.  From the moment we arrived till the moment we left it was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this amazing day.  So, to all of your loves, I say….  Cherish in that which is bright and keep your pulse on the things that will allow your love to flourish!

Some say that you will never quite get over or  forget your first love.  Well, for Beth and Joe I am wishing you many years of never having to worry about that!



I walked out to my car and immediately felt the sting as a cold breeze brushed past my face.  Today was beyond cold as this crazy Philadelphia weather continues with it’s uncharacteristically cold and warm spells vacillating back and forth. It’s enough to drive you crazy!  I double check the fact that I have my cold weather shooting gloves- which are really made for outdoor winter sports.  They have cool tiny rubber gripping nodules that make it easy to change my camera settings while wearing gloves.   It’s funny how these little details make such a huge contribution to my happiness or state of mind.  The feeling of being prepared can quell any jitters.  Yes, I do still get nervous before every single wedding.  It’s not the anxiety ridden kind of nervousness but more like an adrenalin charged excitement filled with ideas and hope for what will be caught and created that day.   Today I look forward to seeing past clients who are in the bridal party and who are  attending the wedding as well as documenting two adorable and sweet beyond description people in love.

Tom is calm and rational and kind and charming and so sweet in how he interacts with family and friends. His smile is warm and welcoming.   Liz has this gleam in her eyes that speaks of fun and confidence and a style that I just love.  She is radiant today!  When I see them together and when I photograph them I can feel nothing less than a warmth that only comes from being around people who you just feel good about.   It’s easy to have fun and to make great images when everything just comes together.   It was no surprise to me that despite this crazy freezing temperature that Liz flung off her wrap and braved the cold without hesitation.  The entire bridal party cooperated fully and dare I say even had fun!!!  That’s what it’s all about everyone!  In a world where we can sometimes get lost in the idea of the perfect wedding day you don’t see what is directly in front of you.  This is your day, you can’t change anything. What will be will be.  You can either embrace the moment and spend a lifetime living it or dwell on what it wasn’t.  I can tell you from experience that those who embrace the moment will have the perfect day.  It’s not about the weather, or the locations, or the food or the colors of the flowers.   Ultimately it is about the fact that on this day you are committing your life, your love, your whole being to another person and you are no longer alone. You are forging ahead and merging families and it is a celebration.

Thank you Liz and Tom for being the types of people that I could spend every weekend with and for braving the cold, smiling into the sun and having fun!!!  You are truly remarkable people and I wish you both many many years of happiness and love.

Venue – The Springfield Country Club
Band – Jelly Roll They rocked the house!
Makeup – The uber talented Kristen Lober

Now on to some of my faves =)

She brought them to me wrapped in their soft Prada cloth bag and when her hands reached in they slowly unveiled the most exquisite of shoes…  The heels an intricate carving in blue so perfectly suited Lauren and her taste.  From the first moment that I met Lauren and Adam I could picture them existing in a time many years ago.  A time where values and tenderness and old fashioned courtship and romance blossomed.  A vintage like appearance and the kind of respectful, kind and genuinely lovely interaction could be witnessed.  Today was no different than those first interactions.  Lauren has planned every detail from the exquisite shoes, amazing dress, breathtaking bouquet, antique jewelry – and all because two kids fell in love =) The details could be seen throughout the day.  So, with the smell of gardenia’s in the air I proceeded to document their day and to say that I was moved on several occasions would be an understatement.   During the process of revamping my website I came across their wedding and haven’t  had the opportunity to blog it until now.  I wanted to share a sampling of the images made that day because I just love them!  To see more images from Lauren and Adam’s Wedding please visit the Featured Events link found in the links tab.

Lauren’s grandfather was unable to attend  the wedding so we paid him a little visit beforehand.  The reaction he has to seeing his grand daughter is so touching.  I know it was bittersweet for him but through his tears I could see the smile and glimmer of pride that he had for her.  Not just his grand daughter anymore.  Today a beautiful bride to be.  Just one more evolution of life…

Mike described how he randomly came upon my studio driving by one day almost a year ago. He happened to be looking for a way to salvage some of his wedding images and have some enlargements made and after driving by, he checked out the website and contacted me. Both Monica and Mike came in and told me about the destination wedding they had and how they wished the images were more artistic but were still beautiful and wanted to have some images professionally printed and framed. They had the DVD and release so we chatted about printing options and off they went. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I received an excited email about how they have been following the blog and have great news… They are expecting and would love to schedule a maternity session!!! Woohoo, um hell yeah! I couldn’t wait to have the opportunity to hang with them and document this important chapter in their lives. So, we met and while roaming the surrounding area I was amazed at Monica’s quiet confidence and serenity. I can only imagine what a wonderful and calm climate their little baby is enjoying. Mike is animated and excited about the baby, the images and the whole process. So many good and positive feelings in the air today and I can’t think of a better way to spend some time on this unseasonably warm March day! I simply can not wait to welcome their new little bundle and to capture those first portraits, soon, very soon. Until then, hang in there Monica & Mike and I hope you enjoy these images.


  • Marisa Marchese - Cindy- that last image is magnificant! I don’t know how you do it!

  • Cindy - Ahhh, Marisa- Thank You!!! I asked Mike if he knew of a hill in the area and this is where he took me. Sometimes all you have to do is ask =)

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