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The first thing I noticed about Paul were his piercing blue eyes gazing back at me.  They seemed to see right through into my core.  I was taken back because  they are the same color as my father's eyes and not that I liken Paul to my dad at all but for a moment I felt vulnerable like I do when I'm in his presence.  I know how much is involved in choosing the right photographer to capture these moments and I know that this was an important decision for Jill & Paul and I wanted to make sure that we had a great session.  The second thing I noticed was how when in Paul's presence Jill relaxed comfortably into his arms, they laughed easily, chatted candidly and just enjoyed the moment.  When I look at these images I just can't get past the genuine smiles and hearty laughs that are so well expressed.  These are some of the things that make me smile and I look forward to many more moments like these on the day of their wedding!




 Favorite way to conduct an engagement session…  Show up at agreed upon location and just wander around following the light and peeping out interesting backgrounds and textures etc.  I love this!  We can stroll around and chat and stop whenever something catches my eye and stumble upon beauty.  Pretty simple =)  Hanging with Stacey and Ben was like this.  Roaming fields and woods and discovering of all things bamboo growing in the woods!  Ahhh the light and the love, that's all we needed today to make beautiful imagery!  I can't wait for round 2 in a few weeks =)


 A slow and knowing smile spreads across my face as I skip downstairs this morning.  The voice in my head (don't judge me, you know we all have voices in our heads) says that today is gonna be a good day!  A pathetic whoosh of air escapes from my lips in my attempt to whistle a tune.  Sadly, I can whistle about as well as I sing and for the record…. yeah, that's a whole other story!  My wedding day ritual is pretty much the same every weekend.  Come downstairs, let the puppies out, talk to them in a strange alien language only they know, recheck and load equipment, breakfast then pack some almonds and lemon protein bars for snacks.  Seemingly normal for myself, today being no different except that we will be spending the day with Lauren and Wayne.  I feel like I met Lauren a bajillion years ago.  She booked us so long ago for her wedding.  The bond that she shares with Wayne and the love of their family has me smiling this morning.  I smile because I know that everything today will just fall in place.  Call it a premonition, instinct or maybe even faith.  I can't say for sure.  All I know is that the infinite amount of trust that Lauren has demonstrated that she feels for what we do allows me to do what I know will more than make her happy.  You can't buy or manufacture this feeling.  It just has be be there.  I believe it resides in all of us.  Cultivating this type of client relationship is something that my studio thrives off of.  I thank you Lauren and Wayne and of course Eric and the rest of your wonderful family for letting us do our jobs today and for allowing us to be present to share in your happiness!  



 It is effortless how Chase lifts and carries Hunter into the next room and with complete confidence and security undresses him and arranges his son in various poses for the photo shoot.  I'm amazed at how secure and comfortable he is, for no other reason than my experience with most new father's is that they are nervous around their new baby and exceedingly gentle so as not to break them.  I could feel the calm in the air amongst all three of them.  Mother, Father & Son…  Very infrequently do newborns make it through the session without crying.  It's very stressful for them, sleeping, eating, waking, being handled, naked, cold, etc… Not Hunter.  Calm as can be, peeking at me with his adorable little face.  This doesn't surprise me though because you see, from the first moment I met Sara she was so sweet and nice and wonderful and now that I have met Chase it's very easy to see that between the both of them the gene pool is very strong when it comes to these particular traits.  I wish you both the best on this venture as new parents I have a feeling that you'll be just fine!

Love the little piggies.


 I think that Chris is Bionic.  No seriously, I can't say that I have seen any jumps quite as high as the ones he did during our ventures around the city.  Now what I can say is that after having met and spending some time with Lynn and Chris I can whole heartedly attest that these two are the type of couple that my whole business plan is based on.  Their connection is both fun and loving.  The energetic banter between them fueled with a closeness and understanding that you can only have when you truly love and respect someone.  They often finshed each other's sentences and compromised with decisions and of course they share a love for images and the feel and type that we capture are most definitely a priority on their wedding day.  Although I loved the shoot tremendously my most favorite part of the day was sitting at a little brew pub with them afterwards and enjoying an icy cold white ale while listening to Chris share the most hilarious stories of his youth.  I glance at Lynn and she is laughing and listening with intent as well and although I'm sure she has heard the story of the "I can beat out the highest speed and incline of the treadmill," before, it's as if she heard it for the first time.  You were both a joy to be around and I'm very excited to be a part of a day that I'm sure will be the focus of many future stories to be told =) 


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