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Monica, Chris and I stroll into 30th Street Station to capture some images of them in an all too familiar place.  They have spent many hours here either waiting for arrival or departure of each other and know what it's like to spend time apart and to re-connect.  They are so easy going and comfortable with each other and anyone can see the bond that they share,  I can't say enough how much I love this first image.  To me it says that when you are captivated by something or someone, everything around you can still move at any pace while you are more than content to stand still.  So to you Monica and Chris, I love your warm and inviting smiles and how down to earth and open you are and I am truly looking forward to spending some more time documenting your lovely relationship on your wedding day!  It will be here soon =)


 I'm often enthralled in the beauty and symbolism of wedding ceremonies.  Whether it be  Hindu, Baptist, Catholic or Asian there are so many aspects of the day that showcase love, family and tradition.  Often these days are long but go by so quickly as you move from one aspect to the next.  Spending the day with Nhat and Arthur was one delightful blur.  Nhat told me early on that the images were the most important aspect of the day and for that I am grateful to both her and Arthur for not only allowing me to document their incredible love but for also asking for more!  Ha!  They are the only couple in the history of my career who has ever asked me to shoot more.  I love you guys!  

Nhat holding Arthur's hand and gently leading him towards where I was sitting smiles at me as she says, "can we go outside and take some more pics?" Um, yayuhhhh.  We sure can.  I could shoot these two and their families all day.  You have made me feel so welcome and such a huge part of your celebration and I love that I am able to capture these moments for you!

This little guy wanted to wish them love and luck today too!

The kids were occupying their time with a little card hustling =)



I love when it feels like you are just hanging with old friends.  That's the way the day felt.  Seeing Heidi and Todd's families again and the warm and friendly faces of past clients and parents and cousins just warms my heart!  So to you Heidi and Todd! Congrats and I wish you both the best!  The sun shined down on us today and I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to spend the day with.


 A light knock on the hospital room door followed by a "come in," I see feet propped on the end of the bed and figure that Debbie must be relaxing since she just gave birth less than 18 hours ago.  I smile as I see Chris in the bed and at that moment Debbie walks out of the bathroom looking as refreshed as anyone I have ever seen.  Seriously?  Didn't you just have a baby? =)  Smiling as always and with the most pleasant of demeanors, that's just Deb.  Chris leaves to go get his new baby girl and bring her in for her very first photo shoot.

 Here she is!  Oh Michaela, so sweet and posing for us like you've been doing it all your life.  I can already tell that your daddy is completely smitten with you and mommy can't stop smiling.

 Welcome to this world, I know you are in great hands.

 Your mom had this plaque hanging in her room as a child and now it's yours.  It's very true you know, girls can do anything!  

I just love little tiny toes =)

 You hear his voice and feel him holding you and you are instantly calm.  You know you are daddy's little girl.  It's so sweet to see how your gaze is met with such loving and tender eyes.

 Little hands are adorable too!

 Ahhh Diaper changes, fun, fun.

I just L-O-V-E the way this image feels.  Chris gently kisses Debbies and she is looking at this most perfect little bundle.

 Yup she's a star, 1 day old and already full of smiles.

 One of my favorites from the day.  As Michaela reaches her hands towards her daddy the smile can't help but escape.

  Congratulations to two very wonderful people and the start of your new family.  I can't wait to continue documenting the milestones of your life and I look forward to it!  



There couldn't have been more of a contrast between the weather for Theresa and Tom's E-session vs. their Wedding day.  I remember distinctly because my fingers nearly froze off ( okay maybe I'm a drama queen but it was freakin cold)!  The similarities though, they are so easy to spot.  No matter the conditions or circumstance both Tom and Theresa enjoyed each other in the moment.  Never judge a book by it's cover or it's labels, that's for sure.  You would think that in the line of work that Tom does, he would be all business and protocol but underneath that exterior is a pretty comical, fun loving, lovable guy.  Let's not forget Theresa who just looked gorgeous and was the epitome of the perfect bride!  Beautiful, classy, fun, well planned, full of surprises.  That's what the day was all about.  I'm posting my faves but the out takes are soooo funny, maybe I'll just post out takes in the off season.  As the night wound down we got some really great shots and as I walked off to my car I thought to myself, what a seamless and perfect day =)  Congrats Theresa & Tom!  Stay safe and enjoy this new ride along that you are on!



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