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A gloriously sun shining day as Val and I head off to meet with Marissa for her getting ready shots.  Calm as a cucumber- that's Marissa and a warm and welcoming smile greets us!  Everything today was just beautiful and I feel very fortunate to have spent some time with this loving family.  Tehron, I will forever remember your soft spoken demeanor and gentlemanly ways.  You are truly a prince.  The family that you both build on will I'm sure be grounded in the values of love, hope and honor that was so easily on display.  Best wishes to you!!!


 Here's the scoop =) Expansion on some levels is good right?  That's what we are going with anyways…  I have always employed associate shooters in order to make the studio available for up to 2 events per date.  Currently I have a total of 6 photographers who at times shoot with me or independently of me when I am not personally available.  We have also recently expanded the onsite studio staff to include image editors and graphic artists so that I can still provide to you a very personal and boutique experience.  All images and albums are still done in house.  Infrequently do I blog work by associate shooters but what the hey, a new year and growth and lots of yumminess has been overlooked for far too long.  So, drum roll ::::::  Here is the fabulous Melissa and Dennis!  Melissa looking absolutely stunning !!!  Congrats and thank you for allowing my team to document your day and I'm so happy that you are happy and that your same day slideshow was a hit!  Below is my shameless plug from such a nice email that Melissa sent.


"Words can't express how happy I was yesterday from The great work that Lori and Brian did!  They were incredible!  I just wanted to let you know that the DVD slideshow came out beautiful and I received so many compliments on it!  Everyone LOVED Lori and Brian's work and Loved the artistry!  You and your photographers are truly amazing individuals who capture the beautiful moments in life.  You made my day even more special than it already was!"

Thank you again!

Melissa and Dennis! 

No, THANK YOU, Melissa!  I know that this is just a chapter from your fabulous relationship and I can't wait to be a part of documenting any and all future milestones!

xoxoxo ~ Cindy



Time…  You blink and lives completely change.  It seems like just yesterday that I was shooting Lanay and Brian's wedding and now this adorable little bundle of joy has completely captivated them both =)  She's precious and beautiful and has already wrapped mommy and daddy in a warm and fuzzy love blanket!  I love the feel of these first family portraits.  This moment has now past but I know that they will look back on them many times in the future and I'm sure that each and every time they will be transported back to these early days and how they instantly fell in love with their baby girl.


It was a day much like today when he dropped down to one knee on the dock as the rays of the setting sun cascaded across her face.  He told her how beautiful she was and with ring in hand professed his love.  Then just as he had planned it  he asked if she would spend the rest of her life with him.  Shaking a little and fearful that the ring would slip from his fingers into the pond he had taken the precaution of tieing a string to it =)  She says yes and they celebrate with hugs and kisses then walk off with the ring on her hand and the string still tied to Tony.  I'm listenening intently as they tell me this story while we stand near the very dock where the proposal took place.  The excitement can be clearly heard in their voices and it's so sweet how they finish each others' sentences as they relay the details to me.  I smile as the sun is aglow behind them and we proceed to create beautiful, warm, fun and intimate images.  I love how Tony and Stephanie are so free spirited and warm and loving to each other.  I love how Tony's warm and sincere eyes look at her and how she giggles like a school girl when he's near.  It's as lovely as the sun setting on a mild summer's day while the man of your dreams drops to one knee…




 He wraps his arms around her and she easily nestles into his comfortable embrace.  A smile slowly forms as her eyes tilt towards him.  I can't quite make out what he whispers in her ear but her smile broadens…  Just one of many moments today with Melissa and Jeremy.  Often while shooting I'm asked what do we do?  How do we stand?  Should we look at you and smile.  I respond with, do what feels natural, stand how you feel comfortable, smile if you feel like it.  The key word is FEEL.  There is a feeling that you experience when you are present.  Meaning that you are keying in to something specific like the way her hair smells or the familiarity of his gaze or how much you love the person staring back at you.  Thank you Melissa and Jeremy for being present and in the moment and not afraid to just stand how you stand, smile how you smile and share a few snuggles and laughs and kisses!  Your love for each other is so blindingly apparent =)


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