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 Next to babies, E-sessions are one of my favorite types of sessions to shoot.  I just love discovering the personalities and connections between people.  Not just personalities but commitments as well.  When I casually asked Kerry and Kevin to sit in a door frame for a few shots, they were like sure,  no problem.  Come to find out that there were bees swarming around.  We took the shots and quickly left the area.  That's when Keving tells me that he's allergic to bees.  Ummm, okay, that would have been a very good reason not to get the shot!  He wasn't fazed, he didn't get stung, all was well.  I'm still amazed that he never even flinched.  This was just an E-session but I can't help to think that in the scheme of things Kevin would be unflinching in his commitment to Kerry!  I know that we will be making some beautiful images on the wedding day  =)



 There wasn't a moment that Corinne wasn't beaming.  Her laughter mixed with Steve's came so easily and I just love that!  When you are with the one you love the focus should be on each other and it's refreshing to see that .  I completely enjoyed being able to spend some time with the both of them and their connection to each other makes me so excited to shoot the wedding!


 There are times I find that words are just not enough.  Often I find myself making connections with clients that I am truly blessed to have made.  This completely reinforces my desire to shoot and document life.  I met Debbie and Chris  at her sister Melanie's wedding.  This was my introduction to their family.  A totally fun and loving, wacky good and overall amazing family…  Since shooting Melanie's wedding I have had the pleasure of working with Melanie on a few corporate shoots, shooting her other sister Tina's Engagement session and recent wedding (her blog images coming this week) and now the maternity session for Debbie.  Every time I get to hang out with any of them I find myself so welcome and the trust that they have in me and my staff fuels that creative fire!!!  I get so excited and I just want to thank you all for inspiring me to make images that you will love and for being the kind of clients that I wish I could clone.  Debbie and Chris were so fun and up for anything.  They are just a very warm and loving couple and I know that they are gonna be great parents.  Right now I'm very excited to be on "The Call List," because any day now we will be welcoming a new addition to their family.  I'll be going to the hospital to capture some of these first moments and we will be creating their baby story in a beautiful book.  My wheels are spinning!  Oooh Ahhh it's gonna be great!


Here's the happy family!  Any day now we will be welcoming another little bundle of joy! 

 So it must be wedding season because I blinked and the entire month of May passed by and now we are into June!  In May we shot 8 Weddings,  4 Maternity sessions, 2 Newborns and 7 Engagement Sessions!  Oh My.  I've discovered that I am not superwoman so I also conducted 22 interviews over the course of 2 days and have found some really great additions to my staff.  June is quickly surpassing May in terms of business and I'm very excited to be shooting and training and hangin with cool peeps.  A big thank you goes out to all of my lovely clients thus far who have made this year so incredibly fun and easy!  Yea, I said easy, I love it when we can just show up knowing that you have made time for the images that will be the only thing you have left to remember your day.  It's refreshing to feel that we are all on point =)  Here are a few images from some recent e-sessions.  More to follow… 


Baby and Lilli look like ragamuffins.  Actually, I have never seen a ragamuffin so maybe they don't look like one but they are in dire need of a good bath, teeth brushing, nail trim and haircut.  So off to the groomers we go!  They absolutely hate going to the groomer.  They are little and always get attention no matter where we go but they get really scared if I'm not the one trimming them up.  Unfortunately you can only give mommy bowl cuts number 1 and 2 so many times before you need a professional to do it.  Here are the before and afters =)

Lilll feels pretty much the same way about spa day before and after she went…

M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o