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The phone rings and I look at who's calling, it's my momma.  "Cindy, what time do you want me and daddy to come over?"  Hmmm, well…  I am totally not a morning person.  Could it be because I quite frequently work until the wee hours of the morning and my "morning " starts around 10:30 – 11:00 am.  You betcha!  So I say how bout 12:00, that's safe.  I have an appointment to take my car in and then I'll be home in time to chill for a bit.

We do some grilling, celebrate my mom's recent birthday and I decide that duh, I should take some pictures.  Getting everyone outside to do this is a task in and of itself.  I'm screaming come on, the light is perfect…  We are losing the light, let's go!  Kristin has my dad sucked in to watching Donnie Darko parts one and two and a couch potatoing they are going.  I knew I should have fed them after I snapped a few.  Finally I wrangle everyone outside and the light was in fact perfect.  I decided to snap a few of my parents together.  I think they are so cute.  It's funny because they have this whole fake bicker at each other back and forth way of communication.  Underneath that facade is a beautiful relationship and after almost 40 years they still adore each other as much if not more than when they first met.  The sun is setting and we are all laughing because no one seems to want to cooperate with my line of direction – cuz you know I don't do this like 4-5 days a week all year long or anything.  Regardless,  I still think we got some keepers =)



  Grand mother and grand daughter laughing at me!  I love it!


 A few of Kristin to finish out the session.  I just love the way that the sun streaks and flares through the trees oh and of course my baby looks beautiful.


I'm often enthralled with the many facets and or dynamics that can be experienced during the course of just one day.  One would think that it's just a day, like most days, filled with seconds and hours.  Yet each wedding day is so different.  Just like the people =)  There are moments that click in my mind during these days.  Without fail, these moments ingrain themselves into my head and become the inspiration for the emotions that I seek out.  It's as if time is moving in slow motion as the moment beckons me to realize it.  Well, that or maybe I just love to eavesdrop.  You be the judge =)

Trust…  as the Sig Ep brothers hoisted both Chris and Stacy into the air and lifted them effortlessly overhead, you could hear the excitement and camaraderie  no, they won't drop you… trust them… trust each other..someone will always be there to catch you if you fall.

Stacy turned her back to us as she went into the bathroom.  Her mother took the dress from it's position on the bed and with a twinkle in her eye she says with Joy… my daughter is getting married today!  A statement said in such a way that I can still feel her smiling.

Walking past the dance floor to where my lenses were stowed away I catch a glimpse of Stacy dancing with Chris's dad.  In that moment as I passed  by them I heard a question… "So what will you call me now?" and an answer…"…I'll call you dad…"~ Family…

He is smiling and walking in my direction.  A smile that I have seen all day. For it is his good nature and hers that has made today so easy to capture.  Chris thanks us for being a part of the day and fun and making it really easy to take direction ( he says that he usually doen't like instruction from people but I said things in a such a way that made him happy to participate),  I'm smiling back at him when  he lowers his head and he tilts it slightly as if he is thinking.  Raising his gaze to mine he says with such sincerity in his voice and adoration in his eyes, " I'm so in Love with that girl, we just Love each other so much…"  As he pauses I can see it in his eyes and  I say to him – everyone here can tell =)

An upbeat attitude and a smiling heart will get you far.  I wish the best for both of you.  You clearly have what it takes to be happy.  

As an added bonus the rain stopped early in the day and gave way to a beautiful spring evening.  On our way out we were able to make some truly gorgeous night images.  Score!!!!




Gary totally saved my life!!!  Okay, maybe I'm being overly dramatic but he totally saved me from having a bazillion ants continually biting my ankles!  I didn't know where they were hiding but he figured it out.   I guess if I would wear real shoes when I run through the woods then I wouldn't have to worry about such things but for some reason I feel like by wearing flip flops I beckon Summer to come.  I'm just thankful that the ants tortured me and not Lauren and Gary.  I often think that I'm so lucky to have clients that love nature or urban locations or  don't really mind doing a few crazy things in between smootches.  So, if I have to take a few ant bites for the team then BRING IT ON!!!!

It was great to watch the interaction between them.  They are so cute together!  My favorites from the day were when Lauren wrestled Gary to the ground.  They were cracking up and you can see the sparkle of fun in Lauren's eyes.  Love it!  Thank you both for meeting me in the woods and not spraying each other with the hose ;-)


I had a blast hangin with Kelly and Jon chillin in the grass as well as roaming through hallways and bars =)  I can honestly say that we even hung out for a few in the bathroom, now that's a first for me but what the hey,  the wall paper was cool and we couldn't pass it up.  They are just two fun loving and easy going people and made it really easy for me to catch them in a few snuggles!  The wedding is quickly approaching in June and I'm sure that we are gonna have a ball!



Swoosh, ping, swoosh, pang….  The sound of rain hitting my window and cars driving through the accumulation.  Doesn't look good…  I click the app on my phone for the weather channel and touch the weather by hour tab, hmmmmm, interesting.  Rain giving way to sunshine around 5:00 pm.  Perfecto! I'm meeting Sarah and Tim at 5:00 pm for their E-Session.  Okay weather channel, I'm trusting you.  It was no surprise to me that the storm clouds gave way to sunshine right on cue as we traversed the manicured lawns to begin our session.  I would have expected nothing less than things working as planned for Sarah.  She is a woman after my own heart!  Attention to detail, sweet as can be and she knows what she wants.  Not to mention that in each and every one of our communications and meetings has been an absolute joy to work with.  Tim is her perfect balance.  He had me cracking up but more importantly I saw how his wit, charm and humor completely compliments Sarah.  All you have to do is plop them next to each other sitting, standing,  whatevah.  It didn't matter because no sooner were they within inches of each other you were bound to witness this beautiful series of tender emotions mixed with laughter.  So to you Sarah and Tim, I loved hanging with you and I feel like you really just let go and allowed yourselves to show me so many sides of your beautiful relationship.  This is what it's all about =)


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