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Darkness gave way to bright, golden light causing me to squint as we walked through the entrance to the gardens.  Mid-day sun, not so forgiving in it's efforts to wrap light around us.  I'm sure the farmer's are thankful for the recent rain as well as today's sunshiny skies however I am not a farmer.  It's funny though how what can at first seem like a deterence becomes so inconsequential when you have two people like Jaci and Steve. So full of humor and fun!  We fought the light, we embraced the light, the winds blew, we embraced the winds. It's always a pleasure to be able to get to know the personalities of my clients while shooting.  After all that is the best benefit of doing an E-Session.  What's even better is when the conversation just flows and you can laugh and joke and feel comfortable.  I knew that it was going to be a great shoot when Steve and I started joking back and forth about my subliminal suggestions…  Ha, ha, "now Jaci, do you think you can climb that tree…sure we can even though this branch is poking me, no problem..  so how bout tossing that squirrel and chasing it?  Ok..we totally did not toss squirrels, I promise!  This is a "you had to be there – kind of funny".  I do know though that if the squirrels were up for it Jaci and Steve would have =)  All in all we had a great day shooting and I cannot thank them enough for being receptive to just enjoying each other's company and letting me capture a few sides of them!


The rain held out just long enough for us to meander the streets and capture these images for Stacy and Chris.  I'm so excited to be shooting not just this session but the wedding in 9 more days.  I remember the moment that I met the both of them.  I was capturing the beautiful wedding day of Chrissey and Mike and here at the reception we chatted a little about how much they loved a certain style of photography and the images in Chrissey's guest book.  Lucky for me another fab couple, Rose and Mike were right their to pipe in (I'll be shooting their wedding this year also).  So it's going to be like a reunion in less than 2 weeks!  What I love about Stacy and Chris, that's super easy…. I love how easy going they are, how up for just rolling with it and being in the moment, I also love that they have great taste in brew pubs but most of all I love how easily and how quickly Stacy can just snuggle into Chris's arms and in a seemingly effortless motion give me more than I need in terms of moments to capture!


 So, Jen…. Where do you want to do your E-Session?  Hmmmmm, Cindy,wherever you think.  Schweeeeeeet!  That's my favorite place!

Jen and Payton are so exceedingly sweet and fun together.  I just thought I would throw that out there.  You see, sometimes you have to work yourself into a session and get your groove on.  Not these two.  From frame 1 you could just see how comfortable they were.  I don't just mean comfortable in front of the camera, I mean comfortable with each other.  Not afraid to just have a good time and break a few laws with me.  Yeah I said it, we broke some laws but it's all good.  I know the po-po =)  They are my peeps.  All kidding aside, I thoroughly enjoyed hanging with the both of them and am looking forward to their wedding in June in Maryland!  You both keep me inspired…


Ummmm Mr. Rainman, seriously, 2 weekends in a row… please go away for a little while today.  If not, no worries.  We will make do =)  Dina and John – unflappable today!  I have been a witness to many wedding days where things didn't work to plan and have seen many the varied reaction.  Dina and John have the composure of  saints!  Not rain, nor timing or even the shuffling back and forth from a scatterbrained venue could deter them from enjoying their day.  I loved that feeling today.  The feeling of living in the moment.  As the music pounded and the guests danced I glanced to my right and saw Dina's face.  Full of laughter and dancing, John close by.  Laughing, Dancing, Loving the night away…  That is the memory I take from today =)

I love this moment captured just seconds before we arrive at the church.The smile on John's face is full of pride and so genuine as he shake's the hand of Dina's father.  I love how her father's hand hastens to leave her even as he is shaking John's hand.  

This moment after the kiss – love it!!  It's like the Ranger's, oops I meant Flyers's just won the Stanley Cup ;-)


 No sooner had the ceremony ended you could see us running for the side exit of the church.  Looking, hoping crossing fingers, toes and any appendage that could ensure us but a moment of dryness.  We weren't greedy.  It's not like we wanted sunshine and butterflies, just a few minutes without rain!  Alas!  Someone is looking out for us, Thank You, Thank You!  I holla at the boys, let's go and storming out of the church we went. Click, click, click the clapping of my shutter moving so quickly sounding like applause coming through the barrel of my lens.  Uh oh…  Feel it, yup.  One drop, now another….  Okay let's run back in the church..  Do some formals, yeah that's it…  Val, you are on raindrop watch!  A few minutes later – you got it…  Storming out the church doors, click, click click, this time run girls lets do this….Oh. no… here comes the rain again falling on my head like a memory…

 This went on a few more times before we left defeated….You won!  Great, now what.  We head over to wait things out over at Nicole's parents house.  I feel horrible.  Wonderful couple, exceptionally planned day with plenty of time for images and now,  uncooperative weather.

As we pull up dare I even hope, yes, it's true.  The rain has subsided.  For how long, who knows but I roam the streets like the pied piper as the entire Bridal party follow behind.  We must've looked like a sight, our gang members blindly roaming through the neighbor's yards in search of a few feet of background to shoot in front of.   Ooh la la, that looks pretty.. Someone knock on the door – Although I'm totally up for trespassing =)

In the end, we managed a solid 15 minutes without precipitation and shot a record number of images in that time.  Although I know that Nicole and Drew would have smiled through anything that day, I'm so happy that we were able to take advantage of the kind nature of the neighbors and the unbelievable willingness of the bridal party to get it done.   Oh and Nicole, you must convince your dad to let us take his sweet ride and do a trash the dress… Puhlease!!! =)

Look at that reach!!! Holy cow, Nicole wins =)


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