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As I pulled the drapes to let in the beautiful early afternoon light I noticed that the suite was situated directly accross from Logan's Square.  The beautiful lines, color and curves of the fountain could be seen as the traffic fervishly whizzed by the hotel.  I smiled and thought what a gorgeous day.  Chris was ever so calm as she prepared herself for the day.  The hair, make-up and dress suited her so well, polished, sophisticated and she was simply put…beautiful.  As we chatted candidly while shooting she mentioned the disappointment she felt since both her and Michael loved the fountains and how just the day before, they were shut off.  The view from the room as you looked out should have showcased the fountains in all of there working glory.  I reflect now thinking about this.  Thinking about how from the outside looking in we may view something as beautiful or perfect but even in an incomplete state is the beauty any less?  All I know is that for the better part of the next 6 hours I viewed a tender and fun and loving relationship and I know that it could not have been more beautiful before nor after the moments of I do.  Whether we see this or we are "in" it, you know all twisted up in love, sometimes the perfection lies somewhere amongst finding the beauty in the imperfection.  So tonight as we finished our stroll through the city we passsed the lovely turned off fountains at Logan Square and we got in them.  Surrounded by the cool city air and a blanket of impending dusk we captured some of my favorite images of the day.  Thanks so much Chris and Michael for loving each other and letting me stand in the dusk with silly grins as you laughed and shared these moments with each other!


So we all know that it snowed and although I thought it wasn't a whole lot, it was enough to close schools and send the masses out to buy up all the rock salt in the tri-state area.  I tried working from home but that never really works out.  You see, the puppies not only have attachment issues but are both in constant competition with each other for my attention and unfortunately for me the most common game is who can sit closest to my throat.  Yeah, real fun… NOT!  So imagine, laptop and two pint sized dogs on my lap,  climbing on top of each other to be the one that is highest , then when there is no room left to go Lilli, who is the Alpha Yorkie, chases Baby off.  They run around like maniacs then pounce on me & repeat climbing.  No good…  I pack up my external drives, dig out my car, shovel the drive and head to the studio for some peace and quiet.

 I wasn't having a particularly good day.  Sometimes I wonder if my extra efforts go unnoticed.  I still edit each and every image individually, still create every album without templates and I still correspond with every client personally.  It's time consuming and often takes me away from the task at hand but I really feel that we are at times a society that has become very depersonalized.   I for one like to feel like I am providing a service that offers more…

So I finish a Wedding and head to the gym for my Monday night Yoga Class – You guessed it!  Yoga is cancelled and the gym is closed.  Umm okay…  Go back to the studio, nearly fall on my ass on the sidewalk outside of studio – note to self, no more rock salt left in the tri-state area…..  Continue editing till about 10:00 pm.  Then I fight with Kristin about the perils of other people driving her car and how they shouldn't go on a road trip tonight with the weather and lack of driving experience….  I'm angry and frustrated so I pack up my stuff and head out.  

I'm ready to write the day off when I check my email for the last time tonight and the day was saved =)  Here are a few excerpts from 2 emails I received.

"Hi Cindy—thanks so much for an unbelievable job with our pictures—now what!?! I mean I know we need to pick, but how many do I get—we have a 40 page book-right?? ..Oh, and your packaging is SOO cute too!! I love LOVE LOVE you! "

"Cindy!  can i just tell you that i had a really crappy day today, and then i got your dvd in the mail.  i am SO happy!  the day that i walked into your studio in center city i knew there was a connection, but you honestly are the best decision i made regarding wedding planning!  even though we had bad weather and i was so concerned about the photos…you really came through.  everything is just so beautiful.  anyways, i just wanted to say thank you for making an awful day fantastic.  **hugs**"

Sometimes all any of us really needs is a little affirmation so thank you both so much for taking the time to brighten my day and helping me to end it with a smile!

xoxoxo ~ Cindy

Traversing the distance between the parking lot and getting ready location is typically uneventful, unless of course you happen to be shooting the wedding of Eddee and Tim =)  As Lori and I make our way the few hundred feet towards where the guys and girls could be found I  hear, first faint then louder, the sound of chatter and laughter.  Rounding the corner of the building we find the guys enjoying the early afternoon sun while playing some wiffle ball. It was great seeing the smiles and hearing the laughs and good natured joking.  Entering the building, up the stairs, pausing outside of the door where we would find the girls, chatter and laughter could also be heard.  Funny how the guys seem to be in slow motion while the girls are zipping around like a scene from Cinderella.  Each one with a purpose, getting ready, hair, make-up, clean-up etc….  One finely tuned team, all working together to achieve a common goal.  Team Eddee! Just like the printing on the backs of their hoodies!  Of course this scene was nothing less than I expected.  Eddee is just one of those people who is so good natured that you feel yourself wanting things to be perfect for her.  Her beauty runs far deeper than the broad and freely given smile that seems to come so easily.  What a fantastic recipe for the Dish that would become our day!  Start with Eddee and Tim, add in great friends and family, a dash of humor, some really great details – roll it up in a ball of love and sprinkle some candy corn on top!  There you have it!  So today we strolled up while hearing the laughter and chatter from a distance and we left smiling and hearing laughter and chatter in the distance…  I can't think of a better beginning and Ending, can you? 

I have been asked by numerous clients how I come up with some of the cool locations that they see on the blog.  Well, the truth of the matter is that most often i don't really come up with these locations.  You see, so many of my clients are devoted blog readers and want the coolest or most different or a texturally fantastic location and they scout the areas they want to be photographed so that they can be different.  I L-O-V-E this!  Now don't get me wrong, of course I have a bag of secret locations or shall I say, an iphone full of Geo Tagged hidden spots that I can pull out at any moment but I love more than anything when you have a vision and go with it.  It's your shoot, your personalities.  Dress to showcase this as well!

Now Referrals, I can't say thank you enough to all of my wonderful and amazing clients who refer me to their friends, family and co workers!  I love referrals so much because aside from the obvious, a referral means to me that I will be coming into contact with someone like yourself.  We refer to people who we think will like the service we are suggesting so that means that I am being suggested to someone who is going to be a great fit for me.  Now, I know I have a tendency to ramble but I just have to make sure that I say how much I value my clients and how at times some become more like friends and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support!  So thank you Michael and Deb for booking the family portrait which lead to Jen & Andrew's maternity session, then 2 baby sessions, Janell's Engagement cards -Wedding-Trash the dress and then to Debbie for sharing all of these images which lead me to Lauren and Adam!

Lauren, both you and Adam have such a cool vibe, I could photograph you all day long!  I think you picked a great location that gave me so much inspiration.  There were too many that I loved to post them all =)   You were so much fun and up for everything, but I kinda knew you would be!  


One of my favorite moments during an E-Session is when the transition occurs from knowing the camera is there to genuine emotions due to being close to the one you love, having fun and forgeting any shyness or apprehension you may have had to being photographed.  I secretly jump up and down inside when I sense that this is happening.  I can't talk enough about how so very important it is to just allow yourselves to be silly, loving, romantic, fun and receptive to sitting, standing, running, laying down – whatever is suggested if you want the types of images that you have seen or loved.  Yes, people are looking at you and you know what they are saying?  They are saying wow, look how cute those two are or they are smiling to themselves as they recall a time or a person that made them feel the way you feel.  Love has a wonderful and magical ability to make even the snarliest of Philadelphians  smile or honk or yell at you, only to wish you well!!! 

Marisa and Mike, besides being so completely adorable together, it is so easy to see how much you A-D-O-R-E each other.  Your smiles, laughter and embraces today make me look forward to this Summer when I will have the pleasure of shooting your wedding!  I can't wait =) So on to my faves… 

M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o