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When you choose to be with the person that you love you accept all of them.   Uniting your family and theirs to build a new family.  Today, it was my pleasure to witness Brie and Ron unite their family.  I loved so much how they included their children in every aspect of their day.  They were a part of the bridal party, the ceremony and reception.  It was truly a marriage today and as I watched the moments unfolding I couldn't help but think to myself how wonderful it must feel when everyone involved is made to feel so special.  These are the types of details that I adore! I just L-O-V-E the expression on Brie's face as she is about to see Ron for the first time!


There are times like today when personalities really show through!  I look at these images and everytime that I see Amy laughing or a little mischievous twinkle in Joe's eyes, I smile…  Such fun, laughter and love of course!  You can see it all and that's the most that can be asked for as a photographer, for you to feel enough trust that you expose your feelings.  When this happens it is truly a wonderful thing.  So here's to you Amy and Joe!  Thank you for allowing us to catch a little glimpse into your wonderful relationship. 




It was a crisp 35 degree evening with a wind chill of 26 degrees. I'm bouncing around from one dark and shadowy corner to another as I try to envision the best spot to shoot from. I sip my hot coffee and as I exhale I can see my breath leaving my lips in short puffs of smoke like air. City hall shines like a beacon in the night and the city is beautifully illuminated. It is quiet except for a few over zealous visitors running up the Art Museum steps, hands thrusting to the air in Rocky like fashion, I can hear the "Yo Adrianne"s," along with giggles from those that are actually entertained. A family approaches the tree and as the father lines up the children they attempt a family portrait. I offer to take the pic and soon they are on their way to a warmer setting. A woman approaches the top step and I watch her with her camera shooting and it clicks in my head! Here's my alibi!!! Oh yeah!

I ask her if she is going to be around for a few minutes would she mind pretending that I am taking pics of her? You see, I have a client who is proposing tonight and It was essential that I did not use a flash because the proposal is a surprise in the dead of night on top of these very steps. She agrees to be my accomplice. So like ninjas we wait and from a distance I see headlights approach and then the car parks. As two figures clad in dark coats stroll towards the tree I knew that the time was now.

Hmmm, doesn't the tree look beautiful Anna? Oh wait, this isn't just a beautiful stroll after dinner and we aren't just here to see the sights…. Jared drops to one knee and you guessed it, proposes. I was full of adrenaline, snapping away at my accomplice who was standing near the tree(but really at the unsuspecting Anna.)
I just love this pure and beautiful reaction!
Will she say yes?
Of course she does!
As Anna admires her ring, I think she notices that the camera is now on her and she smiles this smile that just genuinely grabs my heart and I feel so happy for the both of them.
Congratulations Anna & Jared! I'm am so thrilled to have been a witness to this amazing moment in your lives and I wish you both many more warm hugs and smiles on seemingly cold winter nights! 

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