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I can feel the energy in the air shift the very moment the words sunk in.  It is in these realizations that we have which become defining moments in our lives.  Those moments that you stop just long enough to breathe.  Those moments that you stop and see the whole of a situation, not just the parts.  Those moments when you close your eyes and you are pressed up against the chest of your love.  You can hear their heartbeat, feel the warmth emanating off their body and you think back to how it is that your paths crossed just so that you could be here in this very spot at this very moment.  There is such beauty when I see that moment unravel from beneath your tears and your laughter.  The purest moments of joy cannot be posed.  It can only be.

The day before a Wedding involves much prep-work, especially when you are on an island far from home.  We manage to squeak out the last few droplets of light from the setting sun to make these Images.  As I pulled sneaks from the collection I smile as I look at the image and see the emotion.  It takes me back to playing with the kids – what great personalities they have!  Mel & Dwayne I know you are proud of them and as well you should be, your children are fun, engaging, polite, inquisitive and so full of a beautiful spirit and connection with each other.  You have set the foundation and the example.  The connection you have with each other makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Some people chase love and happiness – well, you two caught them both and you have touched my heart in such a profound way having spent these past several days witnessing you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for inspiring me and for allowing me such an intimate look into your hearts!  Here are a few from our session, I hope you enjoy!

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  • Carmela - Cindy, you have a beautiful presence and energy when you are around. I was so tired of planning,cutting and crafting the day of the above shoot. I was even running late from still putting things together for the next day. I was frustrated and a little overwhelmed.I believe with all my heart that you knew I felt the way I did. Just with words you made all my negative anxiety fade away. You took Dwayne and I back to a place in time where we had no worries and made us realize why we were in such a beautiful place surrounded by people who love and care about us. With each tear I cried I released the pressure of planning and let go. From that point on every tear and smile you captured was genuine and beautiful. You captured more than just family photos you captured our hearts and our journey. That is how amazing you are we will love you forever!

  • Henessie Fazio - Absolutely gorgeous family! I almost cried. You can feel the love in these photos. I hope to one day have a family like this. I love these people! It helps that they all look damn good!

  • Leah Wall-Swann - I definitely cried all over again… The love and Joy this family gives resonates all throughout and gives me chills! I love them so much and feel so emotional over and over again!!! It’s a whole fairy tale and I’m so blessed and happy that my Best friend is the Star!!!

  • Cindy - I knew from our very first conversation that we would be on the same page! You gave me the freedom, the blind faith =) Thank you for that! I love your collection and these are only a few! The wedding sneaks will be coming soon – soooooo many more moments to share!!! yippee!

  • Kimberly - Simply Beautiful.

You can often tell the way a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mother.  We found out rather quickly based on Gianni’s actions how he would love, respect and honor Melodie in a timeless way by how he loves, respects and honors his momma.  This wedding transported us back to a time where celebrations were grand, friendships were many and the Princess got her Prince!  A classic love story with some modern twists!  If I had to describe Gianni and Melodie I would say that he is like a lovely Italian concerto and she is like an upbeat pop ballad, together they balance each other beautifully and make a song worth listening and dancing to.  May you both always hear this beautiful music played together!  Here’s the highlight from the filming we did on their wedding day.  Enjoy! 

He didn’t know it but she saved the menu from the restaurant where he proposed.  In large script standing out starkly from the muted tones on the back of the paper spelled out the words will you marry me.  She absolutely said yes, and had no idea and couldn’t eat any of their dinner that night!

He finds beauty in her even when she thinks she looks scared and at her worst.  Reflecting on fears and images of the sacrifices one makes for another they are so comfortable in each others presence.  She speaks of wanting to not just tell him but to show him how he means more to her than the things that scare her most and that’s what you do for someone you love.  You show them, even if it means doing something you don’t like.  He can’t put into words just one emotion he feels about their relationship, he says she is all emotions to him and each one at a time, they are a team.

Are you swooning yet???  We are chatting in the living room of the new home that they recently purchased that Josh has rebuilt with his father and I am smiling to myself because they are just sweet and cute and lovable and so so very open.  I am smiling because they get it.  I am smiling because even though they already had a bad experience with having an engagement session done by someone else, they didn’t try to micro manage our {us}session.  They let me do what I do best, even when I said the plan is there is no plan, where I go, you go.  They happily embraced the concept.

You can’t script an adventure! You just have at it =)  Thank you to Danni and Josh for our adventures that afternoon and for sharing your stories with me, for baking cupcakes aka corn muffin looking – we forgot the paper cups – who cares cuz it’s all good and they are delicious anyways, cupcakes.  We may or may not have trespassed in our travels but what’s a little law bending if not in the name of love.  Here are just a few from our afternoon of frolicking together.  To see more head over to our page and check out the full collection of sneaks =)



The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

This is one of my favorite quotes.  Seemingly simple enough but most things that contain highly provocative truths are just that,simple.  I firmly believe that the greatness, kindness and propensity of love that we have as humans is directly related to how we treat all creatures of the world, human and otherwise.  A simple principle right?  One would think so.

My heart always warms when I see people who adore their pets.  There are so many reasons why but for me one of the most important is behavioral.  The behavior of loving and caring for your pet selflessly will most likely translate into other areas of your life and loves.  Conversely if you are hateful, cruel and neglectful these actions are part of you and will manifest outward into your world as well.

Judaism places great stress on proper treatment of animals. Unnecessary cruelty to animals is strictly forbidden, and in many cases, animals are accorded the same sensitivity as human beings.  In Jewish law it is is preventing tza’ar ba’alei chayim, the suffering of living creatures.

Modern psychology confirms this understanding, with many studies finding a relationship between childhood animal cruelty and adult criminal violence.

A quote for our Christian friends, A righteous man knows the soul of his animal – Proverbs 12:10

Why all this mention of kindness and greatness in relation to behaviors towards animals you ask?  Well, I for one never really had pets growing up.  It wasn’t until my mid thirties that a little runt of a puppy waddled her way into my life and my heart.  Now, I couldn’t imagine a day in my life void of smelly puppy kisses and when I see how others treat and care for their pets in the way that I care for mine my heart melts because I can imagine the same care and love and attention demonstrated by their behavior manifesting in how they would treat a future child or husband, wife, girlfriend, friend, family or stranger.  There is but one life we have to live on this planet of ours and it’s our duty to live it well and to touch all beings animal or otherwise with boatloads of love!  To leave things and people better than we found them…

We spent a warm spring late afternoon in the city of Philadelphia with Ginny, Mike and Bugsy chasing the light.  One of the things I ask of my clients is that no matter how nervous they may be that they embrace the process and let me help them find that place where the nervousness disappears and their personalities shine through.  I study behavior.  I can’t help myself.  In doing so it helps me to cater to each client and their needs and get the most I can out of them for their benefit.  This particular afternoon I was awarded with the presence of two beautiful souls who just love their puppy and are so in love with each other.  Funny thing is that as much as I could see the awesomeness of their relationship with Bugsy I could see even stronger repeating patterns with how they treated each other.  Albeit self appointed confessions of nervousness proved no match for our Jedi tactics =)  Thank you to Ginny and Mike for giving us so many glimpses into the core of who you are, how you love and what it takes to meet so long ago and build a lasting long term relationship and be great parents to little Bugsy but more importantly thank you for showing me all of those pieces of you.  They are special and I value each and every one =)

Here are a few of my favorites from their {us} session.  Don’t forget to visit our page to spread the love and to view more work.






They are huge hometown sports fans and in fact you could say that they realized their love for each other during the 7th inning stretch of a certain Phillies vs. The Nationals game. They love to communicate, they hate to fight and prefer to opt out.  He loves her eyes and often gets lost in them.  She loves his Patience and is thankful for it.  She is the reigning champ of all their challenges including a very heated thumb wrestling tournament on the day of our {us} session but most of all they balance, support and love each other in a way that is like no other they have ever known.  Spending the afternoon with Megan & Eric was effortless.  As the sun set at FDR Park I walked away feeling like I was given a personal tour of their hearts.  Thank you both for sharing so much!  Here’s a few of my faves from their session.  To view more head on over to our page!


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