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A few years ago I flew to Naples Florida to spend a weekend with a couple getting married and celebrating with their family & friends. It was a continuation of a chapter in the lives of Emily and Vic. Click this link to view their original Blog Post A few months afterwards they had the party of all parties in Baltimore so that they could celebrate in the company of a ton more family and friends and I was a part of documenting that super kick ass time as well =)

Just like our studio has grown to embrace new challenges and mediums of storytelling their family has grown as well, specifically with the birth of Lucas. Take a peek at the highlight film below. For the complete blog post visit

To view some images from their We Photo Session check out the post here: Em+Vic+Lucas

Are you or is someone you know of perfect for a {we story}? contact me via my connect tab for more info =)

Frequently when I meet new people & they ask what I do for a living I respond with the answer that I’m a treasure hunter. This either garners me a well deserved raised eyebrow or a “wow, that must be exciting!”. I usually respond with a “yep, it’s true. It is exciting, especially when you luck out and find some good ones. Then comes the, “what kind of treasures do you hunt?” question. That’s when the conversation gets interesting =)

You see, what we do over here is very hard to categorize. If a potential client is looking at studios and comparing the quality of work, pricing, packages and the like then on the outside it appears as if what we do is not that much different than a typical portrait session or Wedding coverage. Yet when they inspect a little closer there is a huge difference & the number one reason that when asked to a potential client, what drew you to the studio, the answer is that the images look REAL. I usually ask what they mean by that and the reply is always the same. The people in the images look like they are experiencing the emotions that are being conveyed in the photo or video. They look authentic, real not forced, comfortable and natural. The number two reason that potential clients give us is that they feel our images are cool. Great!!! We make real cool images and video, that should be our next tag line ;) Seriously though, I’m always excited when my message shines through to the types of people that want Real and Cool. I have split personality when it comes to shooting and I do want to make emotionally authentic work that inspires me, I also want to make beautiful and cool images too. Ying and Yang, all day long!

So yes, initially that is what people see. Then fast forward. You are a client now. You book your sessions and the day arrives for us to hang out. You have no idea what you are in store for. The Journey of your session is not what you thought a portrait session was all about. You have fun, we engage through words, thoughts and actions. Together we experience a trip down memory lane and also make new memories. You leave the session saying that “it was one of the best experiences you have ever had as a couple or a parent or a sibling.” Actual words spoken by those who have had the full experience. You talk about the session to anyone that will listen. They all think you have drank the crazy coolaid until…. They see the images, watch the videos and book their own session.

It’s true. We have an exceptionally high percentage of referrals from existing clients to their families and friends. It is something that I am very proud of and extremely thankful for because what we do, this treasure hunting thing, it’s very personal and not everyone wants to get all up and personal with people they just met but when a family member or true friend tells you – YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!!! Well, it means they think you would be a good candidate and a great fit for our services.

So, treasure hunting, yes. It can be an emotionally and physically exhausting task but in the end I feel rewarded by natural smiles, heartfelt words, love, laughter, tears and sometimes sadness, joy, pride and so many other treasures that we can not live without. It is an important job, a meaningful one and one that I do because it makes me a better person every time I pick up my camera and every time I read a response from another unexpectedly amazed client.

mom-dad anniv-100
Here is a family portrait from my childhood. I love it because it is my family but you can’t really gauge who we were at that moment in our lives. It’s a static image. Obviously I cherish it because I have so few images of us all together but what I wouldn’t give to go back and take more images & to film video so that I could see and hear and remember. For now I will have to just use my imagination. The cute little boys are thinking, hmmmm our sister is so amazing and smart. The mom & dad are thinking – we have a beautiful family and don’t we look fashionable! The little girl is clearly in the midst of saying something extremely profound… One can always imagine ;)


My dearest Hawaii,

How often can one fall in love in a lifetime? I ask myself this every time I fall. I hope it is limitless, I think to myself. How could one not want to feel repeatedly that exhilarating, liberating, inexplicable sensation experienced when you realize that you are head over heels in freakin love... You can experience this with people, interests and even places. I felt this way when I visited Oahu and Maui this past September. I felt at peace dear Hawaii, driving your windward coast, exploring the North Shore, traversing up your winding summit roads of Mt Haleakala, swimming your beautiful ocean amidst sea turtles and reef lovelies. Dear Hawaii, your breathtaking sunsets, majestic water falls and awe inspiring starry nights, your bountiful rainbows, your mountains that loom higher than the clouds... I found a space that helps me to rejuvenate myself. Dear Hawaii, thank you...

xoxoxo - until we meet again.

I wrote a poem one day while having my morning coffee.  Glancing out the window towards the beach.  The sun had already started it's ascent upwards towards billowing clouds sailing across deep azure skies.  That's when I saw what I thought was the most beautiful and interesting place I had seen a rainbow.  Connecting cloud to ocean and just beautiful.  It was in fact the Second most amazing appearance of a rainbow.  The first is the breathtaking shot above.  I shot this while in a helicopter touring the island of Maui & the Big Island.  I could see the end of it, landing onto the golden landscape of the valley where light meets shade.  Maybe I'm a weirdo or just too much of a romantic or maybe it's too late into the evening and I should know when to censor myself for fear of someone thinking I'm a weirdo.  You know what, I'm kinda okay with people thinking I may be a little off kilter.  The truth is that I have from the moment of my earliest memories, always have been a little socially awkward.  I often tread the lines of being too serious and not serious enough.  When one day I decided to chase my dream.  I have had so much support on this journey and I have made incredible connections with people that will forever affect the person that I now am.

When I captured this rainbow and saw where it ended I immediately thought of Balance.  She ends at the seam of light and dark.  The proverbial pot of gold truly does exist. It exists when there is balance in your life.  It exists when we see beauty, selflessness, hope & love.  We are richer for having been privy to the things, places and people that enrich our lives.  I felt rich, balanced and highly affected by mother nature and the serene landscape unfolding before me.

Sorry, sidetracked as per the usual ;-) Here is my attempt at poetry.  Keep in mind that I don't have my poetic License(hee, hee - bad joke)


Beautiful, inexplicable in existence

I can not pin point your location-as it changes with mine & the Sun's

Yet you delight me as I chase you

Knowing that at any moment you may scamper away

disappearing as quickly as you have arrived

Rainbow, you are as precocious as a child

you run from me and giggle over your shoulder

I hope to never catch you.



Been doing some reflecting lately.  Wondering mostly.  Things have been evolving over the years.  So have I.  So has my work.  So have the types of people who are drawn to our work here at the studio.  Relationships.  It will always come down to who do you want to spend time with and for what purposes.  I would like to say that I chose to do this, but it chose me…

Thank you to our many many lovely friends past, present and future.


We document life.  It’s that simple.  I know not everyone wants to have or to show so much vulnerability in front of a camera and that’s cool but that is not my thing.  I’m happiest when I’m able to connect with people who want us involved in their most special of moments.  I’m grateful that I have  a team of talented and thoughtful people who share in my vision.  We all shoot and we all film and this allows us to fluidly document.  I’m rooted in my belief that the dispose-ability of this world has to end and that the pendulum will in fact swing in the opposing direction without fail.  I feel it is my job as an artist to preserve for you those precious things, the little things, the ones we take for granted.  Sometimes it’s a glance captured when you are unaware, other times it’s a portrait that we make and now with cinema it can be a sound or emotion that will trigger substantially poignant memories.  When I watch this trailer what touches me most is the sound of Jake’s voice.  The cooing and giggles and excitement expressed with his early forms of communication.  It melts my heart because as time goes on he will begin to speak words and then sentences and more so these moments are fleeting and I’m honored to be able to provide this keepsake for such a special mom and dad.

Lauren & Mike, I was there for your engagement, your wedding and now to see you both so happy and with the family addition of Jake!  He is the perfect blend of the both of you and I look forward to being a part of creating more treasures with you. xoxoxo – Here’s a little sneak peek, the full length We story will be coming soon =)

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