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Sara + Zach ~ A Be Loved {us} session at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens


The highest compliment that I feel we can be given is when you let us know that we did justice to making tangible the way you feel through our images and films. I’ll never tire of the reaction that our clients have when they see themselves, their joyful selves, their loved selves, their actual selves in the body of our work. It’s relatively easy to make posed, stand here, look here, pretty pictures. What we love is making the not as simple, genuine, the real and even the vulnerable glimpses into yourself. Whether that self is quirky, silly, contemplative, serene, tense, excited, a love bug or all of the preceding, it’s pretty damn cool when you get to experience this typically not shared with the world look into the lives of people who just moments before were virtually strangers and now you feel like you know them, see them and see why they love each other. Being able to do this makes me beyond happy.

In the past I have often vacillated between making work that I know means something to the people we encounter vs. making work for the masses, the accolades, for publication or print or mere validation as if an award or an “as seen in” (insert over referenced wedding blog site or stylized magazine name) tagline will somehow preach or demonstrate a business’s value or success. In the end I am definitively of the camp that I wish I could get back all of those lost hours pursuing and at times winning awards, contests and publications, as seen in, stylized shoots or self promoting marketing gimmicks designed to establish some form of perceived or implied worth or level of success in the eyes of a potential client. I want that time back. It means nothing now. I wish I could trade all of those efforts and exchange them for a lifetime of doing what we can in our power to garner the type of gratitude and appreciation that we receive from our clients. This type of gratitude is intoxicating, It is an addiction that I will never be compelled to overcome.

Maybe it was the times that have changed or maybe it was me but I know one thing is for certain, change happened several years ago for me and the universe has a way of sometimes gently while sometimes overtly sending signals and reminders that the path I have chosen is the right one.

“Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake.” -Henry David Thoreau

Sitting at that restaurant, the one that seemed to elude us. It took in a roundabout way 4 hours of random cab rides, paying it forward to a stumbling mall walker, an impromptu International Jazz day celebration, a perfectly poured stout, a stolen affirmation enticing coaster, walking then cabbing some more, just to end up where we were meant to be at the time we were meant to be there sitting next to two locals in an upscale polish restaurant and taking their recommendation for a beer. Mind you, this is after two days of adventuring, being open and getting tons of signs regarding the topic of making work that is not just beautiful but also meaningful to our clients.

The beer arrives and it is a glistening 500 ml bottle with condensation dripping down the outside of the bottle generating anticipation for a cold, crisp and satisfying mouth feel. I completely screw up the pour of the beer and there is way too much head. I have to wait a few moments for my glass to be drinkable so while I wait I read the writing on the bottle and I get it. I get the message. All roads always point to striving for whatever makes you happy. It’s different for each person. I’m amazed at the message staring at me. The beer is TYSKIE. A polish beer, hand crafted, the same recipe since 1629. Seriously! 1629!!!! Yup, a 385 year old recipe. A business that still exists after 385 years. What is their Philosophy and why did it intrigue me? Well, they state on the label that although they love the awards it is the Appreciation of beer lovers all over the world that matters most to them.


I “get” you Tyskie! I totally “get” you. Thank you universe for always keeping me on track and thank you to our clients from all over this beautiful world of ours who allow us to “get” them. You can trade paper with anyone for services rendered. You can’t however pay someone to appreciate you or what you do. Thank you to our clients for choosing us for appreciating us for recognizing and appreciating the difference that we offer =)

Here are a few favorites of mine from Sara + Zach’s Be Loved {us} session at Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens. We had a blast exploring this unbelievable work of art and even wandered upon street art and a roving group practicing some acrobatic yoga art. Art surrounded us, she wrapped her arms around us in a big all encompassing bear hug, she squeezed and tread that line so well of how the perfect hug should feel… You know that feeling! The feeling when the warm embrace has the perfect amount of squeeze. It’s not strong enough to squeeze the air out of you or so weak and lackluster that it is annoying. Nope, it is just right and oh so very lovely. To see the full collection of sneaks you can check them out on our Page =) Don’t forget to like, comment, pin or share the happy!



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