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Say No to the Stress of your Wedding Day ~ Jenna+ Bob a Philadelphia Wedding at Tendenza


Weddings can be stressful if you let them be. Jenna and Bob did not. That in and of itself is a wonderful thing. I learned something that day about patience and kindness, composure and forgiveness. I saw all of these beautiful qualities in a human being that day and I am grateful beyond measure for having been witness to these emotions and more. Even when their first look was disrupted, impeded upon and used as an opportunity for a sales pitch by a hotel sales manager and I quote, “is this the first time you are seeing each other, well great, let me take this opportunity to…” they laughed it off because in the end the little BS things just don’t matter now do they, what matters is when ultimately you are marrying that person who is your compass, your balance your love. I wish you both so much more happy little nuggets of life – you deserve it! (not the invasive ones of course).

Little life lessons present themselves to us in what I think are impromptu clues and vignettes.  Today’s life lesson for me was a reminder of days past and occurred when I witnessed a series of events, and I won’t get into it because it doesn’t matter who – what matters is how it was handled, that could have and would have made some brides freak out and justifiably so.  Jenna didn’t freak out.  Instead of being a problem identifier – which we are all exceptionally good at, she instead was a problem solver.  Seeing this brought me back to my days of being a District Manager for Ritz Camera.  A position I left many many many years ago but one that helped to formulate in my mind how I did and did not want to run a business.  I used to tell my managers not to call me with their problems.  Ha, ha.  It wasn’t that I didn’t want to help them fix their problems.  I absolutely wanted resolution but if I was their band aid then how would they ever learn to manage properly.  I would say to them, ” don’t bring me your problems, bring me your solutions.  I need to see how you wrap your head around conflict so that I can help you find the balance you need to make the best decision”.  This approach yielded many a successful manager and one of the most profitable districts in the country.

I use this same philosophy with my staff here at the studio.  One by one each employee has flown off to find their own path and follow their own journeys but I know deep down inside that my voice is ingrained in their minds and balance is key.

Saying No to Stress on your wedding day is easier said than done but I promise you that if you hold onto the good and find solutions for the bad you will have the framework to be in a space that allows you to remember the beautiful moments, the amazing family you have, the support of your friends and these far outweigh those fleeting bouts of hardship.

Here are a few sneaks from Jenna & Bob’s day.  To see all of the sneaks click the link below and spread the love by liking or sharing =)


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