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Speaking from the Heart – Elyse + Brett

Earlier this morning I was at the gym and in an effort to trick myself and my wandering mind into staying on that elliptical just a wee bit longer I started to read the sub titles displayed  on the TV.  The program that was playing was called The Millionaire Matchmaker.  For those that have never seen the show it’s about a matchmaker named Patti Stranger who matches single wealthy people with closely compatible dates.  When I glanced up at the TV the employees were chatting about a Groom who PAID to have his Best Man write his vows!!!  Yes, I said PAID and Yes the Groom did not write his own vows.  There were two men and woman engaging in this conversation and the men seemed to think that it was perfectly alright for the Groom to have paid his Best Man to write the Groom’s marital vows.  The woman disagreed and in walks Patti.  They ask her opinion and she says two things.  One, why does the Best Man need to be Paid, he is after all the Best Man but more importantly, if you are going to write your own vows, they should come from the HEART.

I can’t agree more…  Why bother writing your own vows and getting married to anyone if you are so void of emotion that you can’t communicate how you feel?  I understand that some people aren’t able to properly say all that they may want when on the spot BUT we are talking about weddings here, ya know, something that you most likely planned for months.  Guys and Gals, get your shizz together!  If you are so inclined to write your own vows then for the love of who you are marrying tap into that heart of yours, you know, the thing that pumps all your blood and swells when it’s filled.  You do your Bride or Groom an injustice by not allowing yourself the vulnerability required to really dig deep and answer those hard questions.  Why do you love them, what is it about them that you love, why are you making a commitment?  Why are you showing up?  What do you promise?

The sad reality is that the person you have chosen and who has chosen you is standing before you waiting to hear these things because they are the one who has filled your heart and it’s unforgivable if you don’t do your job that day to fill theirs.  How can you expect to make a “lifetime” out of being “the one” if you can’t speak from your heart, just this once.

There is still hope, don’t elect write your own vows in the case if you are one of those types that has something preventing you from tapping into your emotions.  Utilize any number of published biblical quotes or otherwise and simply say I do.

This topic gets me all riled up and as I’m watching and reading the sub titles I can feel my heart rate rise and my legs are burning, sweat pouring down my brow.  I don’t even notice when the cool down timer starts so mission distraction accomplished!  I started to think about the workload for next week and smile.

Ahhhhhhhh back to my happy place.  We will be shooting and filming the Wedding of Elyse and Brett this weekend.  It makes me feel so incredibly happy and grateful to be doing so because these two know how to communicate to each other.  I found this out when we filmed their {us} story.  There are no questions as to their why and I am looking forward to experiencing and documenting these moments for them!

Thank you as always to our many clients who open up their minds and speak from their hearts!


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