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To Hawaii with Love…


My dearest Hawaii,

How often can one fall in love in a lifetime? I ask myself this every time I fall. I hope it is limitless, I think to myself. How could one not want to feel repeatedly that exhilarating, liberating, inexplicable sensation experienced when you realize that you are head over heels in freakin love... You can experience this with people, interests and even places. I felt this way when I visited Oahu and Maui this past September. I felt at peace dear Hawaii, driving your windward coast, exploring the North Shore, traversing up your winding summit roads of Mt Haleakala, swimming your beautiful ocean amidst sea turtles and reef lovelies. Dear Hawaii, your breathtaking sunsets, majestic water falls and awe inspiring starry nights, your bountiful rainbows, your mountains that loom higher than the clouds... I found a space that helps me to rejuvenate myself. Dear Hawaii, thank you...

xoxoxo - until we meet again.

I wrote a poem one day while having my morning coffee.  Glancing out the window towards the beach.  The sun had already started it's ascent upwards towards billowing clouds sailing across deep azure skies.  That's when I saw what I thought was the most beautiful and interesting place I had seen a rainbow.  Connecting cloud to ocean and just beautiful.  It was in fact the Second most amazing appearance of a rainbow.  The first is the breathtaking shot above.  I shot this while in a helicopter touring the island of Maui & the Big Island.  I could see the end of it, landing onto the golden landscape of the valley where light meets shade.  Maybe I'm a weirdo or just too much of a romantic or maybe it's too late into the evening and I should know when to censor myself for fear of someone thinking I'm a weirdo.  You know what, I'm kinda okay with people thinking I may be a little off kilter.  The truth is that I have from the moment of my earliest memories, always have been a little socially awkward.  I often tread the lines of being too serious and not serious enough.  When one day I decided to chase my dream.  I have had so much support on this journey and I have made incredible connections with people that will forever affect the person that I now am.

When I captured this rainbow and saw where it ended I immediately thought of Balance.  She ends at the seam of light and dark.  The proverbial pot of gold truly does exist. It exists when there is balance in your life.  It exists when we see beauty, selflessness, hope & love.  We are richer for having been privy to the things, places and people that enrich our lives.  I felt rich, balanced and highly affected by mother nature and the serene landscape unfolding before me.

Sorry, sidetracked as per the usual ;-) Here is my attempt at poetry.  Keep in mind that I don't have my poetic License(hee, hee - bad joke)


Beautiful, inexplicable in existence

I can not pin point your location-as it changes with mine & the Sun's

Yet you delight me as I chase you

Knowing that at any moment you may scamper away

disappearing as quickly as you have arrived

Rainbow, you are as precocious as a child

you run from me and giggle over your shoulder

I hope to never catch you.

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