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Yavetta + Nate { a beautiful Hotel Dupont Wedding }

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I am a spiritual person.  I believe in love.  I believe in hope.  I believe that if you work really hard for something or for someone that you never have to look backwards because no matter if the experience is good, bad or indifferent, your future always lays ahead of you and when armed with these three tools things just don’t matter otherwise.  Spending time with Yavetta and Nate on their wedding day really brought this into view.  Thank you so much to Merissa from Merissa Lynne Events for sending Yavetta and Nate my way.  One of the best attributes that I feel a Wedding Planner possesses is the ability to match their clients with not just vendors but with Event Professionals that are well matched and best suited to create the type of  work or experience that the particular client is looking for and Merissa, I am so very THANKFUL for your ability to do this and for the incredible work you did that day.

I witnessed quiet moments of reflection before the ceremony that really took my breath away, fleeting looks, happy  hopeful tears, chocked up words spoken amongst family, a celebration, an all out, throw down celebration!  Have you ever heard the saying, “…your wedding day goes by so fast, make sure to take time to take it in.”  I’m sure if you have been in a wedding or know anyone who is married that this is something that you most likely have heard at least once.  Sometimes when you have heard something  you feel like you know it but until you actually put the work in to do it, well you don’t really know the true meaning of these somewhat cliche yet highly accurate phrases at all.

Thank you Nate & Yavetta so so so much for living those words and for truly taking your moments, taking the time and living within them, taking the time to slow down and to really be open to seeing all of the love and support you had that day.  Thank you both for sharing with me and my team and for owning it all.  Whether it was a quiet moment of solitude or a towel twirling affirmation, you owned it and you deserve it.  Enjoy your lives my friends, enjoy loving  each other, continue to have hope always and may you always remember to be present and to take the time necessary to breathe in all that is good.  There is a lot of it out there especially if we work at it =)

Along with documenting the wedding in stills we were also the cinema team that day.  Take a Peek at the highlight film and don’t forget to show us some love for the pics.  If you hover over the image and click pin it or  like us and share share share on  FB.

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